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⚜️ EliteEnchantments ➜ Create your own enchantments ⚜️

by Varoax - 09-06-2020, 04:35 AM
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Posted: 09-06-2020, 04:35 AM
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EliteEnchantments is a custom enchantment plugin, using this plugin you can create your own enchantments along with customising almost everything about the plugin from messages to items. No coding experience required

[NEW] You can now also create enchantments using the easy to use enchantment web panel, more information below.

Along with being fully customisable, the plugin is fully optimised to give you a smooth and lagless experience

Servers using this plugin:

(( If you would like me to add your server here, pm me on discord ))

Introducing one of the coolest features you have ever seen in a custom enchantment plugin.
The new website panel for EliteEnchantments, you can export all the enchantments on your server then create, remove and edit enchantments at the click of a button.
Then when you are done you can import it all back into your server by the click of a button

This plugin contains many features alongside the ability to create your own enchantment using a range of custom effects, you could even create your effects!

EliteEnchantments come with a premade configuration of 190 premade enchantments based on a really popular factions server
(Percentages are exactly the same as the server in question)

Here are some of the features in this mammoth of a plugin:

✦ Gkits ✦
Create your own kits in this plugin with custom enchantments, levelling and more
NEW All gkits from a very popular server have been added into the plugin 27 Gkits in total

✦ Titan Attributes ✦
Create your own Titan Attributes which are add-ons you can apply to your weapons along with upgrading them by applying magic dust!
Along with an easy to view GUI for help '/titan'

✦ Tinkerer ✦
Trade enchantments and items with enchantments on them for exp or secret enchantment dust

✦ Soul Gems ✦
Allow enchantments to only activate when a user has a soul gem active, also decrease the number of souls you have as the enchantment is activated
✦ Items ✦
This plugin has a range of custom items including; White Scrolls, Holy Whitescrolls, Randomizer Scrolls, Transmog Scrolls, Blackscrolls, Weapon/Armor Upgrade Orb, Dust
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