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✓ PyroFishingPro [1.13.X -1.16.X] [v4 Huge Update!] 4.1.4

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01-10-2020, 12:21 PM
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✯ My Plugins
PyroFishing | PyroWeather | PyroWelcomes [b]| PyroBot [b][b]| PyroMining [P] [b]|[/b][/b] PyroWeatherPro [P] | PyroFishingPro [P][/b]
Notice to server owners (Important):[/b]
If you are upgrading from the normal version to this premium version, I have made it super easy for you to keep the statistics of your players. All you need to do is copy the "PlayerData" file from the old non-premium version and paste it into the PyroFishingPro folder. This will automatically update and populate their files with the new statistics and changes. This also works for the fish.yml file.
Please note, you will have to regenerate a new config.yml and messages.yml file for the new features to appear.

What build should I download?
It is always a lot of work and effort to support multiple builds of the same plugin with how I am currently doing it. However, if people request a build on a specific version enough, I will work on porting it over. I will still be supporting all versions, some will not receive updates as frequent though.
  • For the most recent 1.12.X build. Download the build with the (Legacy) tag.
  • For the most recent 1.13.X and 1.14 builds. Download the most recent version that does not have anything in brackets. Please note, this only applies to builds 3.1.3 and higher.
Just a side note. Some features will be removed from specific builds depending on the version of Minecraft. An example would be killing fish in the ocean on 1.13.X builds and higher. That will not be present in 1.12.X builds.

1.13.X builds will still be supported for the foreseeable future. If I do decide to drop support, it will still receive updates however they will be infrequent. Maybe every month or two. (These updates will port everything currently in the most up-to date version to these versions.)
Why choose this over the free version?
This version of PyroFishing is the version which will be kept up to date. PyroFishing will no longer receive major updates to features unlike this premium version. This premium version will have many different features and uses compared to the free version. Below you can find a list of the things that are different between the two plugins.
  • Killing fish in the ocean will yield custom fish upon death;
  • Lots more customisable messages / features in the config.yml and messages.yml files
  • Fish of the day (Earn more money from selling a specific fish that changes every x hours);
  • Fish Gutting station for Entropy / custom fishing related items;
  • Fish up Craps / Lobsters;
  • Massive code improvements and overall better performance on your server;
  • More professional look. (Since this was my first plugin, I've touched up some of the basic looks of some GUI's and things of this sort etc);
  • Deliveries! (Repeatable Quests);
  • Augments! (Refined and better passive system)
  • Fishing Tournaments;
  • Anti-AFK Fisher;
  • Custom Model Data support;
  • Lots more features coming soon!
What is this plugin about?
PyroFishingPro is basically a plugin which enhances the fishing of your players by allowing you to add your own custom fish with customisable biomes, sell prices, data values and much more to come. There is also tons of Augments (custom enchantments in a sense) that players can upgrade their fishing rods with! You can read more information on the base features on the free plugin page. The plugin also has a custom currency called Entropy which is used to craft Augments.

What do all the new features do?
Below I will provide a brief description of what all the new features entail and what they are.
  • Killing fish will yield custom fish upon death. This means you can kill Cod, Salmon, Tropical and Pufferfish in the ocean which will drop custom fish on death. This is a neat alternative to players who like exploring the ocean and want a small reward for doing so. This also encourages exploration too.
  • Lots more customisable messages / features in the config.yml and messages.yml files. This is for the server owners and or staff members who configure the plugin. There is many more messages in which you can edit per say if your servers main language is not English. The features also include broadcast messages on platinum catch and more to come.
  • Fish Gutting station for Entropy / custom fishing related items. This is a GUI which can be access VIA the /fish menu. This allows you to trade in fish for entropy if you want to get a passive quicker. As for the items side of this feature, you will be able to get scales, eyes, fins and other related items which will be used for crafting and purchasing bait which will come at a later point.
  • Fish up crabs / lobsters. There is a small chance where you can fish up a crap and or lobster when fishing. This is just a silverfish with increased health. However, this mob will have a custom ability soon. These mobs will also drop rare custom items which will be used for bait as well along down the line.
  • Deliveries. This feature is basically repeatable quests. This feature comes with customisable rewards, names, lores, and many other things such as the bounds for the fish needed and time required.
  • Augments. Augments are essentially custom enchantments that only work on your fishing rod. To craft augments, follow the crafting recipes in the Augment GUI. Once you have all the crafting items, throw them into a cauldron and hit it with your fishing rod. You then use the Augment and your fishing rod in the Augment GUI again to combine them! A list of augments can be found below:
  • Tournaments. Events that you can start or auto-start for your players to compete against each other. Whether this be in a race to catch the first platinum fish, or catch the longest fish, will you win the next tournament and be rewarded with fully configurable rewards?
  • Anti-AFK Fisher. PyroFishingPro adds a new Anti AFK Fishing technique into your server. This feature can be disabled and configured to your personal liking. This prevents people from fishing in the same source block consistently and getting fish.
  • Custom-Model-Support. Ever wanted to have custom textures on your fish? Now you can! In the fish.yml file, put the custom-model number that you used when creating the plugin in there, reload and it should work. If you want to know how custom models work, I'd do some research into resource packs. Bare in mind this is only for 1.14+
  • Lots more custom features coming soon. This will include the deliveries system which is nearly done. (Next update.) This also includes the coral growing system, fish crates, custom items, bait, fishing enchantments / upgrades and many more features.
What can I expect to see in the future?
I have high hopes for this plugin and therefore have set a wide range of features to come in future updates. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Gutting fish for items;
  • Sell multipliers for fish;
  • Coral growing system and farms;
  • Fish cages;
  • Possible custom bosses;
  • Fish collections when selling for extra money (next update maybe);
  • Automatic fish bagging of fish;
  • Many more small features too. If you have any feel free to PM me them.
Can I see some pictures of the plugin?
Of course! You can view more screenshots on the free version page above as well.

[Image: screenshot8-png.370653] [Image: screenshot9-png.370654] [Image: screenshot10-png.370655] [Image: 2018-10-06_15-30-02-png.376392]

  • Vault - Optional. (MUST use if you have an economy. This is only optional if you have a physical currency and want to use a command to automatically add money.)
  • Some sort of enconomy plugin such as CMI or Essentials;
  • PlaceholderAPI - Optional
  • %pyrofishingpro_level%
Command list:
Below you can find the full list of commands for the plugin.
✯ /fish (Brings up the basic help menu).
✯ /fish menu (Brings up the main Fishing menu).
✯ /fish reload (Reloads the plugin and configuration file).
✯ /fish codex (Brings up the codex).
✯ /fish shop (Opens up the shop).
✯ /fish scales (Opens the Scales GUI.)
✯ /fish bag (Opens the Fish Bag GUI)
✯ /fish gut (Opens the Gutting GUI)
✯ /fish deliveries (Opens the Deliveries GUI)
✯ /fish augment (Opens the Augment GUI)
✯ /fish augments (View all the Fishing Augments in game)
✯ /fish give <player> <fishName> <amount> (Gives specific fish. Requires "fish.admin".)
✯ /ft (Base command for tournaments.)
✯ /ft start <tournamentType> [time] (Starts the tournament type. Requires "fish.tournaments.)
✯ /ft stop (Stops the current tournament. Requires "fish.tournaments.)
✯ /ft info (Shows information on the current tournament.)
✯ /ft types (Shows the types of tournaments available. Requires "fish.tournaments.)

Terms of Service (Read before purchasing):
  • You will not distribute this plugin on any other website and or any platform for your own personal gain and or use without explicit permission from me. (PyroTempus)
  • Refunds are not given in any circumstances. If you are going to purchase the plugin, make sure you want to.
  • You will not post any bugs in the review section. If you have a bug and or something that requires fixing contact me directly on here or either on discord by using Pyro~#3801.
  • You are given access to the plugin as soon as the purchase is made.
  • This purchase is for one server or network and cannot be used on multiple servers.
  • I have the right to change these terms at any time without notice.
  • You are not allowed to decompile this or any of my plugins without explicit permission directly from me.

Want to test the plugin? Join play.superfuntime.org and try it out for free!


RE: ✓ PyroFishingPro [1.13.X -1.16.X] [v4 Huge Update!] 4.1.4

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