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✓ Stock Market Plugin [1.8-1.14] v1.5.4

Submitted by Sloobot, , Thread ID: 182313

01-10-2020, 12:36 PM
[i]Original Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/stock...-14.54564/[/i]
    • This plugin brings the stock market into the world of Minecraft!
    • Buy and sell stocks in-game (not real money)
    • Utilizes real stock information
    • Updates every 15 minutes
    • Contains in-game portfolio (Inventory GUI of your stocks)
    • StockBroker NPCs
    • MySQL Support

    • Vault
    • Citizens
Commands & Permissions
    • /Stocks buy - buy specified amount of stock
      • stocks.buy
    • /Stocks sell - sell specified stock and the number of shares
      • stocks.sell
    • /Stocks sellall - sell all stock you own
      • stocks.sell
    • /stocks portfolio - Inventory GUI of stocks you own or someone else owns
      • stocks.portfolio
      • stocks.portfolio.others
    • /Stocks check - check price of specified stock
      • stocks.check
    • /Stocks give - give player stock without payment
      • stocks.give
    • /Stocks take - take player stock without payment
      • stocks.take
    • /Stocks popular | pop - Inventory GUI of popular stocks (configurable)
      • stocks.popular
    • /Stocks config reload
      • stocks.config
    • /StockBrokers spawn - Spawn a broker at your location
      • stocks.brokers.spawn
    • /StockBrokers remove - removes the broker when punched
      • stocks.brokers.spawn
    • Use a stockbroker
      • stocks.brokers.use
If you have any question about the plugin visit the wiki here.

Bugs & Proposals
If you have any bugs or recommendations for the plugin please visit the issue tracker here. Yes, you can post recommendations there as well just be sure to switch the type drop-down to "proposal".

Other Info
Be sure to read the terms and condition tab or you may accidentally violate them. Data provided for free by IEX.

Terms and Conditions
Stocks was made by me (tchristofferson). By purchasing or using Stocks, you automatically agree to these terms of service. I reserve the right to change the terms and conditions and you agree to abide by the most recent version. Stock API terms can be found here: https://iextrading.com/api-exhibit-a/

    • This plugin is copyrighted
    • You must buy this plugin to install it on your server
    • Redistribution of this plugin is not allowed and could result in legal action
    • Any website found with this plugin (not posted by me) along with the poster are in violation of terms and services
    • You are not allowed to extract code from this plugin or anything similar.
    • Filing chargebacks, PayPal disputes, or anything similar is not allowed
    • Leaking this plugin is not allowed
    • I have the right to revoke your permission for this plugin
    • Do not associate yourself with anyone violating these terms, or you will be in violation of these terms and conditions
    • You are not allowed to talk about giving people a free copy of this plugin

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