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Submitted by fureszpor, , Thread ID: 200092

09-03-2021, 12:57 PM
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][Image: 8f0b9827c435f32018e196cb48c20624378dd7b2...2FIRIS.png]

Download a Pregen (10k by 10k)[/font]

[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Features[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Iris is a full featured generator, here is a detailed list of all the features currently supported.[/font]
  • Support Spigot for 1.14 and up

  • The Iris Overworld has over 100 biomes, 2,000 schematics & loads of detail. You can view the overworld project at

  • Parallel Chunk Generation + Per chunk multicore chunk gen. Iris takes multicore generation a step further for even more performance.

  • Optimized Pregeneration allows Iris to pregenerate worlds even faster due to the order of generation & caching!

  • Fully customizable dimensions with "projects". Make your own biomes, regions, schematics & decorations with ease.
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Iris has a "Studio" mode which allows you to design dimensions in schema supported json (autocomplete)[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]No biome limits[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]As you design your world, keep flying & see your changes hotload into the generator[/font]
  • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Iris cannot cascade, ever! It generates schematics (objects) in a separate region space (memory & storage) then writes only the cross-sections into generating chunks. It's called the Parallax Layer[/font]
  • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Fast biome finding with /iris goto[/font]
  • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Project downloading & generating from github[/font]
[*][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Terrain Features[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Iris is a fully featured terrain generator. Terrain features are specific to what Iris is capable of generating[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Unlimited 3D Biomes[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Cave Biomes[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Region Specific Shore, Ocean & Land Biomes[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Biome Spot & Ridge Overrides[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Total BlockState abstraction: Define block states fully, not just the types[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]More than 50 noise generator types to choose from (when designing worlds) Simplex, Perlin, Cellular, Static, Fractal FBM to name a few[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]A new type of interpolation, designed for Iris: STARCAST. Take a look here for more details. Bilinear, BiHermite, BiCubic, Starcast & Other tension variants included.[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]3D Noise Carving[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Per Biome noise generation with height-bound based interpolation for smoothness instead of raw noise interpolation.[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Schematics (Objects) up to 512 x 256 x 512 blocks[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Fully featured structure system which supports infinite structures[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Support for custom block states (custom block/resource packs)[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Deposit Generators (Used for ore gen usually). Make deposits of any type and size.[/font]
    • [font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Multi layered decorations (decorates caverns caves, under carvings)[/font]

[*][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Dimensions[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]As mentioned above, you can create your own dimensions. Check out the documentation & get started making your own world types! You can also browse the templates provided by the Iris Team & community projects at[/font]

[*][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]
[Image: 1305188b174d8422caf5975cd5b7c0944cb35c9b...mat%3D750w]
[Image: 77f780c36ed00a5191c185d3951f4d160d400a20...mat%3D750w]
[Image: 0b02e713e705dd1bbe16137d3c980cf84f8763c6...mat%3D750w]
[Image: d6d9af7d7e2440b1208804130477f203fdba7d57...mat%3D750w][/font]


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