⭕ AdvancedEnvoys ⭕ Extremely Customisable Supply Crates [1.7.x-1.13.x] 1.3.0 LATEST

by swiggle - 05-07-2019, 05:28 AM
Jul 2019
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Posted: 05-07-2019, 05:28 AM
 [Image: df856378e0bde8f75cbc15d5e708cf5ddd8803af...envoys.png]
Expand your envoys to next level, now with multiple envoys running parallel together at once usingseparate timers and ability to select different animations for crate landing and opening.

(Paper/Taco)Spigot 1.7- 1.13.x

CraftBukkit isn't supported and won't be, neither any other minecraft server API other than Spigot or it's forks.
(the listed features are not all features that plugin offers, just an overview of the main offered features, included in plugin)
  • Multiple Envoys at once
    • Schedule repeating envoy drops parallel to each other, with randomized wait timers for each, all separate
    • Use separate HolographicDisplays placeholders for each envoy
  • In-game managing
    • Add items to envoy rewards via in-game command
    • Edit crate drop locations for each envoy in-game visually
  • Custom Animations
    • Choose which animation envoy should be using, differing from basic to extremely pleasing animations
    • Ability to add your own animations using API [soon]
    • Current animation list:
  • Per-Envoy configuration files
    • Each envoy will respectively use own configuration files, to keep both - locations, rewards and other configuration separate
  • Envoy Flares
    • Give Players flares which activate envoys!
    • Specify which envoy should it activate.


  • /envoy - Main plugin command;no permission
  • /envoy time <envoy> - Time till next specified envoy start;envoy.time
  • /envoy start <envoy> - Force start an envoy;envoy.admin
  • /envoy stop <envoy> - Force stop an envoy;envoy.admin
  • /envoy edit <envoy> - Edit envoy drop locations;envoy.admin
  • /envoy additem <envoy> <name> <chance> - Add held item to envoy loot;envoy.admin
  • /envoy reload - Reload files;envoy.admin
  • /envoy giveflare <envoy> <targeted player> <count>[i] - [/i]Give flares to player;envoy.giveflare
    explanation: (command) - (description);(permission)

[*][b]» Dependencies[/b]:

[b]» SCREENSHOTS ARE AVAILABLE there https://imgur.com/a/HhtC96Q[/b]
*please notice that these are just examples and everything can be changed (names, item types, inventory layouts, items,
messages, etc.) in configuration.


Terms of Service[b] (you agree to, by buying/downloading this plugin):[/b]

  • You are responsible what happens with the plugin after you download, therefore, if plugin is leaked or redistributed and it's registered under your name, I am allowed to remove you from buyers list without a warning. I may be obligated to report you on SpigotMC, which might lead to your account being permanently suspended (banned).
  • You may not redistribute plugin, in any shape or form neither it's code or parts of it.
  • You may ask me for support if plugin doesn't function the way it's supposed to.
  • No refunds, as one does not have a right to get a refund for such digital item, because you have been gained access to it instantly and may have used it.

[*]More information about envoy creation and configuration is provided with configuration files

[Image: mtPbtjw.png]
(you will have to go through buyer verification process before getting accepted for support, if you don't have access to "Download" button there don't even bother joining and begging for help or bothering users via PM)

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