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【Tesla Anti Cheat】 - 【NEW GUI'S | Auto Ban | 1.8 - 1.12】1.9.3

Submitted by kylevardy, , Thread ID: 171483

11-05-2020, 08:36 PM
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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8

  • 1.9

  • 1.10

  • 1.11

  • 1.12
[ReddReaperz, StrelleX_77, DeJay6424 & MuamerBa - Testing]
Tesla Anti Cheat

Protect your server from hackers!
【Paper spigot is NOT TESTED
[Image: KHBwnow.png]
[b]• Addon:[/b]
This addon allows you to check out
your servers range!: [CLICK HERE]

[b][b][b]• [/b]Dependencies:[/b][/b]
Skript [Bukkit or Github]
SkQuerry [Bukkint or Spigot]
WildSkript [Bukkit]

• Introduction:
Tesla anti cheat is created as new way to combat hackers on servers/networks. I personally used alpha version of Tesla for months before releasing it on spigot! As of right now it is in BETA version though we are getting closer and closer to full release!

• Screenshots:
[Image: umOAc0H.png]

[Image: 8W2H9n0.png]
[Image: fepDtEJ.png]
[Image: YKZqEn9.png]
[Image: W7YuLYh.png]

• Videos:
New GUI's:

Kill Aura:

Video by Maximiliano (Spanish!):

If you want your videos here make sure to dm me!

• Blocked Hacks:
[✔] - Done
[✔] - Beta
[✔] - Not Working
• Combat:
- Kill Aura[✔]
- Multi Aura[✔]
- Mob Aura[✔]
- Reach[✔]
- TP Aura[✔]
- Jigsaw unlimited reach[✔]
- Crazy Aura[✔]
- Fast Bow[✔]
- AntiKB[✔]
- AutoClicker[✔]
• Movement:
- Fly[✔]
- Jesus[✔]
- Bunny Hop[✔]
- Fast Hop[✔]
- Speed[✔]
- Phase[✔]
- Auto Sneak[✔]
- High Jump[✔]
• Misc:
- Regen[✔]
- Fast Eat[✔]
- Fast Break[✔]
- Fast Place[✔]
- Anti BOT[✔]

• Features:
- Custom ban screen
- Auto Banning
- Report system
- Commands
- Permissions
- Constant updates
- Ability to turn off notifications
- Custom ban animation
- Anti BOT protection
NEW Judgemental Day!
NEW Info mode!

[b]• Servers using Tesla:[/b]
- SarmaCraft | (Balkan network)
- KitMC | (CLOSED)
- YZM |
- Boundless Realms |
- Mayhem Factions |
Want your server featured? Message me!

• Coming Soon:
- SQL support
- Bungee support
- More Checks for hacks
(Improved speed, fly etc etc)

[b]• Commands:[/b]

Code (Text):
- /tesla - Shows all commands (Ban/Kick and so on)
- /check <player> - Shows all players alerts from Tesla
- /treports - Read all reports
- /clearreports - Clear all reports
- /tdebug - Main debug command!

- /treport <player> - Opens GUI for report!

• Permissions:

Code (Text):
- tesla.notify - recieve alerts
- tesla.adminreports - Read reports
- tesla.check - Access to /check command
- tesla.bypass - Bypass banning
- tesla.admin - Access to main command
- tesla.debug - Access to /tdebug command!

- - Access to /report
- tesla.delay - Skip delay in chat
- tesla.swear - Swear in chat

Tesla terms of service:
  • Tesla is premium resource, this means that anyone using a free downloaded version illegally will not get any support whatsoever.

  • Before posting a bad review, first, contact the creator if you have any issues or questions regarding the resource.

  • Refunding the payment for this resource will result in the customer being removed from buyers list of the resource. This means that customer will not be able to download the resource unless they have canceled the refund.

  • If the customer has requested a refund and then contacted the creator, no support will be provided unless the refund is canceled.

  • Price of this resource might change up or down depending on occasions (such as events and sales or larger updates).

  • Creator of this resource is Xenons, claiming this resource as your own is violating terms of service.

  • Reposting the resource as free or even paid without first contacting creator is considered violating of terms of service and will be reported.
Failing to follow any of the above mentioned terms will result in propriate actions such as reporting, removing customer from the buyer's list or reporting to paypal for refunds.

Tesla is a skript, all dependencies are found inside the download file!
[Skript | SkQuerry | WildSkript]

RE: 【Tesla Anti Cheat】 - 【NEW GUI'S | Auto Ban | 1.8 - 1.12】1.9.3

21-05-2020, 02:32 AM
How do you compare this against matrix and other anti cheats?

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