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1 Terabyte Cloud Storage FREE

Submitted by DavidMorales, , Thread ID: 196485

03-02-2021, 04:44 AM
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Today I bring you Dubox, a cloud storage platform that is in beta with a promotion of 1 TB of free cloud storage.
To get your free 1TB account you only have to register with a Google, Facebook or Apple account, in case you do not want to use any of these accounts you just have to use the "Create an account" button to register with your personalized email to to choose.

Dubox is not like the others, most of them only allow uploading and downloading of individual files limiting some users.
Dubox added a support for folders for you to upload to your Cloud
[Image: backup-dubox-app.jpg]
[Image: reproductor-dubox-app.jpg]
[Image: sincronizacion-dubox-app-1.jpg]

dubox upload folders to cloud storage
How many files can the folder contain?
Currently it only allows 300 files at a time, this does not mean that you will not be able to upload more to your cloud.
If you have 310 files, only 300 will be uploaded when 1 of them is fully uploaded, one more will enter and so on until all are uploaded.
Do you have a mobile app for Android / iOs?
Of course, today most things have an app, Something good about this app is that Dubox allows its users to set a password with a Pin or Face Unlock to access the app. This is a plus since it better protects your data in case of losing the mobile.
[Image: dubox-panel-1024x522.png]
That is all?
Of course NOT haha.
It also has the option of 'Automatic Backup' this means that if you take a photo and you are afraid of losing it, do not worry. Dubox will save it in your Cloud Storage automatically.
It also allows you to view Images and Videos without having to download it directly from the cloud.
This does not mean that you can see it without internet, for this you will have to download it yes or yes, but if you have WiFi or mobile data you will be able to see your images or videos without problems, some that are in your Storage.
Surely you would like to upload your files from one device to another, that's easy since Dubox works with Cloud Storage, simply upload what you want to Dubox and then download it on any of your devices that have the Dubox APP and log in with your account .
Unfortunately Dubox does not have a program for Desktop Computers, what it has for this is its web version which is just as good and has a very nice design typical of Baidu (spoiler, read on)
That is the Dubox.com panel, it is very simple, its translation as of today is not very complete yet but it is quite good, as you can see below on the left it shows how much space I have used of the 1024GB that they give us.
More information about this 'Free storage'
Dubox is a product of the company popIn Inc.
Can You Really Pay Your Storage Expenses?
Baidu is the best known and most used search engine in China and other countries. in Japan and Australia winning the Position 4 and in South Korea being in the top 3.
(It is also known because in 2021 it has been known that BlackBerry is cooperating with Baidu to promote the next generation of autonomous cars)
In other words, Baidu is the Chinese version of Google ...
You may wonder what that has to do with Dubox Free Storage, well now that you know that Baidu makes a few Millions you will have to know that Baidu acquired popIn Inc a while ago.
Not to mention that popIn Inc started recently and already got 2 Inverters for its Cloud Storage (although it is surely also being paid by Baidu)
Answer: Yes, you can pay your expenses but this is just beginning remember that this free TB do not wait and claim your TB of storage before it is too late.

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