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by Satoshi - 06-09-2015, 06:39 PM
Sep 2015
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Posted: 06-09-2015, 06:39 PM
See basically during my life, my cyber life, I've successfully created three game hosting/web hosting companies, with all the features any company now has, Automatic setup and payments, we accepted cards and Paypal, we made promotions, just like any company.
We even gave free hosting for some people.

Now what I've learned is that anyone, and I mean anyone can give you a free website hosting, plus a free VPS, let me tell you why, what is a VPS? we'll think of a Server, that server is a pie, a VPS is a piece of that pie, it takes some of the specs to build up, so if you have that pie, you can give a good amount of VPSs, as simple as that, it takes a couple of minutes being setup by SolusVM (VPS Control Panel)
Now for the website hosting, it takes two minutes to set it up, literally.

Why am I posting this?

As a warning, because when you get a FREE VPS, they want your data, yeah, same for a game server, they want your database and scripts.
As for the websites, they want your database, and they can have it, why not?
Now about PHPMyAdmin, it's easy as hell to install, don't be amazed, even your FTP Server, and even the control panel, nothing is hard..

I know some of you will tell me, there's police 'n' shit, well a good VPN solves it all.
Please note that I'm not talking about GoDaddy or HostGator, you're free to trust anyone you want, but if you ask me, I'll pay extra couple of  bucks and get a good server of my own, and never have to worry about a thing again.

I'm just posting this for people posting "GET A FREE VPS FOR A YEAR" Oh that's great, here's what they will do, give it for a year, they will disable it when you use it for hacks or anything else, assuming that it's illegal (It will be in the terms and conditions, but who reads them)
In that way, they have your email, password, and any other data you got there, some hosts don't even allow their servers to be VPNs, so what's the use of it?
What can you do about all the spam emails you'll get after that? try to block them, that's it, now the big question, WHAT IF. they removed the passport encryption from their software, oh yeah, it can be removed, that's how you get raped.

Although they give you like 1GB RAM and 10 GB HDD that's it, it's literally useless for anything, lag like hell, slow servers.

If you can't afford a server, look for a partner, or just work online for a while, if you can, just try to PAY for your services to be secure, anything free is not secure.

Cheers lads, just be safe.

+Rep if this is useful :noh:
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