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[AMM] Advanced Medic Mod - The first complete and realistic medical addon! Leak

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29-06-2021, 04:54 AM
First advanced medical mod on the store, with a lot of features and custom models. A must have for all RP servers. And now, DRM free.

Advanced Medic Mod is the first complete and advanced medical addon on gmodstore. It contains a lot of imported models and customized animations. The player can have a hemorrhage, be poisoned, have a heart attack, or practice CPR. Also, he can break his arms or his legs and it will have an impact on his capabilities. The doctors can analyze a patient via a notebook to know what they should do to stabilize his state, they can use a scanner to find the fractures of the wounded person, they can also mix the content of test tubes in a beaker to create drugs.To transport wounded, a stretcher is provided, it will appear in an ambulance. A terminal is given to all players, allowing them to buy bandages, morphine, a syringe of antidote or a first aid kit which contains all these objects. Wall defibrillators can be put on the map and be used by all players to save people from heart attack. A NPC can be used if there is no medic connected, he can restore the player's life and heal fractures. There are a lot more features, let's discover them in-game!


An easy way of translation : currently translated in english, french, spanish, portugese and german
A custom notification system
Custom animations and a lot of imported models
Effects and decals when the player is bleeding or is poisoned, the player can stop these effects by using a syringe of morphine
Stretcher and wounded player on can be put in an ambulance, and can be get out with a button that automatically spawn on your ambulance.
Possibility to drag dead ragdolls
Interactive 3D2D vgui.

List of entities

Stretcher : it can be put in an ambulance and is used to transport the body of the wounded.
Hospital bed : that is used to heal wounded, with a drip and a bloodbag.
Bloodbag and drip : the bloodbag has to be put on a drip, and the drip has to touch an hospital bed with wounded on to be used. It will progressivly heal the player, and this player will automatically spawn when he will have 100 hp ( 1 bag of blood give 100 hp ).
A medic NPC : when there is no player in the medic team, players can use this NPC to heal them and to heal their fractures. The price of the heal will depend of the health of the player.
Electrocardiogram : you can use the electrocardiogram on players that are on the bed, to know if they are stable or not.
Mural defibrillator :use it to use a defibrillator and in limited range, the defibrillator given is connected to the mural defibrillator with a rope.
First aid kit : it contains helpful things such as bandages, morphine syringe, or antidote syringe.
Terminal : it can be used by all players to buy bandages, morphine syringe, antidote syringe or a first aid kit.
Radiography machine : can be used to know if the player has fractures and where.
Test tubes, beaker and box of drug : medics can craft new drugs by putting in the beaker between 1 and 3 test tubes, and then put the content of the beaker in the box of medicine which is empty.

List of weapons

Analysis notebook : This notebook can be used to know how to stabilize a wounded person.
Bandage : Used to stop bleeding of someone or yourself.
Defibrillator : Used to heal someone from a heart attack.
First aid kit : Used to transport bandages, antidote syringes, morphine syringes.
Antidote syringe : Used to stop poisoning of someone or yourself.
Morphine syringe : Used to stop effects of bleeding or poisoning of someone or yourself.
Admin defibrillator : Allow admins to instantly revive a player in a coma.
Poison syringe

[Image: 866e655c488eb8f372e3acc9338c3ae3.png]

Download :

RE: [AMM] Advanced Medic Mod - The first complete and realistic medical addon! Leak

23-07-2021, 02:27 AM
i lost my version of this a little over a year ago glad to be getting it back

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