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Aero F4 + Integrated Reward System

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30-03-2021, 09:44 AM
Aero is a modern, sleek F4 menu that will enhance your user's experience. Built with my other UI packs in mind, and soon to be a complete UI set, Aero has everything you need to set your server apart.

Aero is a complete F4 menu, with all the features you'd expect out of any F4 menu; but bundled with so much more. Built with gameplay enhancements in mind, we've come up with an F4 menu that not only looks great, but keeps your players interested and busy.

Basic Features

Full category support for every single tab in DarkRP. Jobs, Weapons, Shipments, Entities, Ammo, Food, Vehicles.
Search bar to help your players find exactly what they're looking for.
Favourites AND recents for all supported categories. Your players can easily get back to what's important; playing.
Users can hide favourites or recent categories at any time with a simple click.
Server stats, with live animations.
Staff Online, users can instantly see what members of Staff are connected.
Traditional DarkRP commands.
Blur and Dark theme out of the box.
Steam and Discord link integration.
Enhanced preview system before applying for a job.
Modular system which allows you to easily disable certain aspects of Aero.


Keep track of how much money users have spent. Aero comes with a built in method of showcasing how much money has been pushed into your server's economy.
Easily add your own methods into this system, or request us to add more ways in with little Lua knowledge.
Data is all saved permanently, the only temporary data is your user's recent data.

Task System

Reward your users for completing specific tasks while playing on your server.
Aero comes with 9 tasks out of the box and it's easy to add your own!
Users will receive a cash reward once they complete a task.
Your players can easily see what tasks have been completed and what they have outstanding.
Little Lua knowledge is required to implement a task. Know the hook name and the basic logic? You're pretty much set.

Playtime Rewards

Reward your players for their dedication. Aero has a time played system in place to help you do that.
Users will receive their reward for consecutive playtime, times and progress is all saved even if the user disconnects or the server restarts.
Hourly, Daily, and Weekly rewards are all bundled into Aero out of the box.
Your users will receive a configurable amount of DarkRP cash for each milestone hit. One free Weekly shipment is also bundled in.

Reporter and Nexus Crates support

Own Nexus Crates or Reporter - The Advanced Reporting System? Cool, we've integrated both of those addons out of the box for you.
Unbox within the F4 Menu, create, edit and purchase Crates from the F4 menu. No problem.
Users can report a user with Reporter, as well as view their warnings all within the F4 menu.

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RE: Aero F4 + Integrated Reward System

12-08-2021, 09:27 PM
wow bro thx i need this 4real

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