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Any Ex Video Game Addicts Want to Share Their Story

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21-07-2021, 05:36 PM
I myself have been terrible with video games. They are the one thing that I could not control in my life. I used to play non-stop, and would always think about it even after I put it down, just waiting to get back to playing them.

My motive for video games was to get good but never go pro. I always felt accomplished learning new skills and demonstrating them. I started out with CS:GO for my main game, and when Overwatch came out, that's all I played. Countless hours I've put into that game and have nothing to show for it. I almost hit grandmaster at 3999. After that, I played casually but still wanted to get good at each individual character. It seemed as each character was their own game, and I milked the game for years, learning everything. 

I was always attracted to games that had an easy entry for skill, but a high ceiling. So I can get into it, get good fast, become mediocre, then put it down. 

I started to see how it affected my social life. I would rather play video games than talk to my girlfriend, I would rather think about how I could have countered a play than do my work. I wouldn't shower as often, and I wouldn't do any basic house chores. I would only clean my place when my girl came over and even then, it was filled with dust. 

I tried quitting two times before, but now I've finally done it. The first time I did a dopamine detox, and slowly after, I deleted everything because I was disgusted with myself. The games slowly came back, starting with Roblox as a joke with friends, and then I started playing Roblox Phantom Forces like I was some god, shitting on kids. Then I came back to overwatch. The second time I had to do a massive Web Development Project and could not afford to play video games. I deleted them all and worked all day and all night on work. I felt super accomplished. Then a break hit and I had nothing to do. So, I said to myself, "why not pass the time with some games, it wouldn't hurt. I have nothing to do." And I couldn't stop. When work started again I had a ridiculously hard time getting back into it.

Now this time, I've finally done it. I went on a camping trip with my girl and it lasted a whole week: no technology. I was able to see the world and be more present, and more active. After the week I didn't really have a huge desire to play video games. I saw them on my desktop and immediately felt disgusted. I deleted them all and started a plan to change my life around. I bought workout guides, got a family member to take me to his gym, starting to learn how to cook and do all the things I wanted to do before. I feel like I have so much more time to focus on other interests I have. 

I've been using my motivation for video games and putting them into real life. Instead of getting good at games, I want to get good at life, and have something to show for it. My days have been happier, and I've been feeling better. I've been gaining a lot of muscle and have been getting addicted to bodybuilding instead.

I'm not saying "video games, bad," I'm just saying for me, it was an addiction I could not control, and I'm glad I took care of it.

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