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Bend Studio Shares Art That Adds Days Gone's Deacon To The Last of Us' Giraffe Scene

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07-09-2022, 11:03 AM
The Last of Us is loaded with notable minutes, however one of the most critical of everything is the giraffe grouping. As of late, Bend Studio honored this scene through a piece of art, with the post praising the send off of The Last of Us Part 1.

For those new to Bend Studio's work, the designer has conveyed a small bunch major areas of strength for of. Siphon Filter is one of those games, with the studio additionally conveying Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PS Vita. Most as of late, it delivered Days Gone for the PlayStation 4, an intriguing open world game with a dependable following. While Bend is working diligently on its next game, which won't be a spin-off of Days Gone, the designer has still shared some art featuring Deacon St. John.
The art being referred to, which was made by Bend Studio's Senior Concept Artist Katie Scott, didn't toss Deacon into his own Freaker-plagued world. All things considered, he was tossed into another dystopian universe brimming with zombie-like adversaries, as he is envisioned remaining close to Joel and Ellie. With The Last of Us Part 1 just barely delivering, Bend Studio's art is impeccably planned, filling in as a festival of the award-bringing home championship's PlayStation 5 revamp.

The scene Deacon is embedded into is one of the most notable minutes from the whole establishment, as he ends up at the time where Joel and Ellie spot a giraffe. With fans making art of The Last of Us' giraffe scene for quite a long time, this piece is the most recent of numerous interpretations, however Deacon's job in a flash makes the piece stick out. As Ellie pets the giraffe just as she does in Naughty Dog's cutting edge work of art, Joel should be visible looking off to his side. Deacon solaces him, with the biker putting his hand on Joel's back,

Given the likenesses between Days Gone's reality and the universe The Last of Us is set in, it's a good idea that Deacon would have all the expertise expected to endure battles against Clickers and Bloaters. With his trusty motorcycle, numerous weapons, and experience making due against a comparable danger, he would be a useful partner for Joel. Taking into account how both have experienced a few wrecking misfortunes, they would probably have some shared view that could prompt a kinship starting. Pondering the discussion Deacon and Joel would have at this time is fascinating, making the piece significantly more extraordinary past its obvious excellence.

For those that partake in this sort of hybrid art, comparable celebratory posts have been seen when other PlayStation exclusives have delivered, which can undoubtedly be all viewed as on the web. With God of War Ragnarok's send off crawling nearer, comparable PlayStation Studios art will probably show up in a couple of months' time.

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