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CGTrader – UE4 Office Low-poly 3D model

Submitted by M1SKONER, , Thread ID: 202481

03-04-2021, 09:11 PM
CGTrader – UE4 Office Low-poly 3D model

Integrate the Office Map in your project get props and studio architecture. Compatible with all packs in Modular.

This project includes an Internal office (everything pictured) with all assets, materials, created in the Unreal Engine. Each asset was created for realistic AAA quality visuals, style, and budget.The office contains a number of props and objects designed for office projects and visualizations, And they can be used for Game design and architectural purposes.

Stylish modern, industrial office made by Senior set designer Abdul Rahman Korek.

Spacious workspace with a reception and employees desks plus meeting Room allows you to feel that you are living in the office. This project contains a number of interactive features waiting for you to explore.

The map can be used for a game level, game cinematic, architectural purposes, VR you should add your camera and controls on the top of the project.

The Office made exclusively for unreal engine complex design includes following assets and props.

Over 100 prop assets Master material setup that controls the majority of all props and models within the room Master material on all tiling surfaces to control dirt, wetness, and a secondary texture set Blueprints (BP) to automate door placement Blueprint for ON/OF lamp light Glass materials Tillable texture sets for concrete, plaster, tile, wood, and glass

Technical Information

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: (Yes) Textures range from 1024 x 1024 to 20486 x 2048 69 Materials 100 Meshes 26 textures 4 Blueprint 1 Destructible Texture assets include diffuse, normals, masks and emissive maps Collision: (Yes/Use complex collision as simple & simple box) Intended Platform: Desktop VR, Google VR: You need to add the VR Controllers input and Camera The Product made for UE4 version 4.17.1

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