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ChatControl Red™ | #1 Chat Plugin Returns — [Discord & BungeeCord Support] [€30]

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29-05-2021, 09:37 AM
Mc-market: ChatControl Red™     ( 29.97 EUR )

Download: Here   ( Version: 10.4.3 ) |

Recommended by Mick, founder of MCMarket:
[Image: ea36fa1ddd3d7359fca214ae86d8b7bffdbc3d03...rlmctZ.png] 

Tested for over 30-days by 100+ testers before release to ensure bug-free:

[Image: f573b11b62d2477889aa0443dcd54533eb473280...JrBr5r.png]
[Image: 91ace630d50c0b0d71b4a968513ca96a06c7f505...5mvlfw.png]


This is NOT ChatControl Pro from Spigot. This is the new
generation ChatControl Red replacing the Pro edition.

Free upgrades are offered to collaborators and recent buyers of ChatControl Pro.

See this link for more information.

As featured on MineAcademy.org:
[Image: 149a9ac5c289a03b76220e5c08bf2b5fb5368111...Trmgo1.png] 

[Image: b47fb964c2efd09e572b226a2d1b32242c8023ba...IXkMjc.png] [Image: 0b47b789d8203f5c027aad908198903ab5008895...Tw30oa.png]
[Image: c5a628850fad87d6788c7aaa488272987da57185...o1xjph.png][/CENTER]

How Can ChatControl Transform Your Server?

Six Layered Anti-Spam Destroys Spam 7 Days A Week

We have the most sophisticated anti-spam protection you ever find in a chat plugin. One that's ridiculously simple to set up, yet unbelievably hard to bypass.
  1. Prevent sending too fast messages/commands.

  2. Block similar messages/commands.

  3. Block repetitive messages such as "t", "hello", "t", "hello" etc.

  4. Time frame limit to cap maximum amount of messages in the last X seconds.

  5. Adaptive warning points to punish spamming depending on its severity.

  6. Code your own rules (without Java knowledge) to filter all sorts of spam (such as "heeeello" or "he..llo") and any words such as "this server is ****".
[Image: f0264e50834e832f5c15ddcc9e6c67914e805584...egLzVC.gif]

In addition, our anti-spam works anywhere, even outside your server:
  • DiscordSRV is supported! Prevent spam, swears and ads on your Discord channels automatically!!

  • Non-English servers are supported. We even automatically remove accents (áäô) to prevent bypassing checks. Even Russian, Japanese, Chinese etc. will work with anti-spam.

  • Whitelist and blacklists. Every section can have exceptions and you can turn them into both a whitelist and a blacklist.
[Image: d44efec2f89a0034e9389ca7c3a1636dc7e8c76e...jJkCMW.gif]

Chat Channels And Beautiful Chat Formatter

Completely customize every aspect of your chat. Change how every message looks like. Display different parts in messages for different players, and give your server a completely new look.
  • Create chat rooms to isolate your chat (e.g. "admin" channel, "bungee" channel, "trade" channel)
    • FULL BungeeCord and DiscordSRV support.
  • 2-modes of ranged chat are supported:
    • Talk to players in a distance around you, or
    • Talk to all players on your world (you can link multiple worlds together).

  • Interactive formats so you can show tooltips, click on text, run commands or even open books. JSON support included.
  • 1000s of variables are supported. You can pick from our own ones, install PlaceholderAPI, or code new ones directly within ChatControl — even if you barely know how to code!
  • Start your message with a special character to send it to another channel such as "?help" or "!" to send it to global chat (with the help of rules).
  • Simple conditions to build phenomenal chat formats that show different parts — if player is chatting from Discord, from BungeeCord, if he's vanished, spying, or when sending message from console!
  • Admin chat and bungee global chat and many more default examples of channels!
[Image: f62f7e2ce9b6bfb9ca3e15125a91cabcbb76b441...vcVBBY.gif]

And also cool bonus features, such as:

  • [b]Gradients support for MC 1.16+:[Image: fc0b6dc0ea62ed0397ba47c8e80da916dcbe5d9b...rLnCY6.png][/b]
  • [b]Let players use variables in chat: "I hold an [item]"
    [Image: 1ec9629c151b14a87c58eb79442cc7a4ebd33e11...R8U6JP.gif][/b]

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