CodeCanyon - Universal v2.2.1 - Full Multi-Purpose Android Mobile App

by gabriellmgomes - 13-08-2015, 08:04 PM
Aug 2015
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Content Providers
  • WordpressShow of your Wordpress blog! With built-in support for categories. Shown in beautiful media enhanced layouts. YoutubeShow your users any Playlist or Channel. You can even play videos within the application. FacebookShow a Facebook page or user feed directly inside your app. Complete with support for media, comments and more. InstagramShow Instagram posts, from any user, inside your app. Including comments and likes count. RSSWe have created an amazing RSS feed parser, that will support millions of feeds. With support for thumbnails and audio/video podcasts. Visual RadioCreate the most amazing radio experience our music visualization. Now compatible with Shoutcast & Icecast (m3u, asx, pls | mp3). TwitterShow a user’s @timeline, a #hastag or even recent search results. Now with support for embedded media. TumblrShow latest Tumblr Images in GridView and swipeable pager. Easily set as wallpaper, save to device and share. MapsWant to show your users a location? Or a whole bunch of locations? Easily set a pin on the map or get the locations using the Google Places API. WebViewShow any webpage or site inside your app. You can even perform actions (like calling and installing apps) and download files from the WebView. Besides that it features intuitive ActionBar based navigation & HTML 5 Video support.
  • Unlimited Items – You can use & combine as many Timelines, Blogs, Feeds, Channels, Playlists, Stations, Webpages, etc as you want. Optionally add icons, create sections and highlight.

  • Material Design – Complete Material Design, with animated Drawer Icon, Ripple’s and Card layouts. Completely customizable in every color.

  • Native UI – Get content using official API’s and display them in media-enhanced endless lists. Display the articles and videos in styled detail views with parallax scrolling header images and fading toolbars.

  • Notifications – Inform your users about the latest content using a RSS feed only!

  • In-App purchase – Let your users remove ads or unlock extra content within your app by making an in app purchase.

  • Offline & Favorites – Save Tweets, Rss articles & Blog posts offline. Web pages & Youtube videos can be submitted as favorite items. Tumblr Images can be saved to local storage.

  • Customizable – Easily make your app yours by translations and by customizing colors & using your own icons for menu items. You can also choose between multiple styles for your Navigation drawer, for example by setting a header image.

  • Social – Let your users share content and promote your app at the same time.

  • Admob – With build in Admob, it takes only a few seconds to enable advertisements

  • Google Places – Want to show your users the nearest ATMs? You can now show users any location nearby using the powerful Places API .

  • Comments – Show comments to posts, videos and articles from Youtube, Facebook, Wordpress & Instagram within your app.

  • Connection Manager – Redirect users to offline content when no internet connection. Error handling is also integrated.

  • NativeWeb Technology™ – Never before has the Web been this beautiful. We inject custom CSS to HTML based descriptions of RSS and Wordpress descriptions to optimize the page for the device’s screen and create an unified look. It will feel just like reading an article in your favorite newspaper!

  • Youtube & Wordpress Search – Let users search your blog and youtube channel.

  • In-App Videoplayer – Let users play youtube videos without even having to leave your application!

  • In-App Media Viewer – View (embedded) images, videos and audio from content in your app, fullscreen.

  • About & App rate – Display about dialog with HTML markup & Let users rate your app from settings.

  • Royal Documentation – Instructions for first app (installing java, sdk etc). Step by step importing and customizing of the template.

  • Video Tutorials – Instruction video’s for setting up the SDK and Eclipse, opening the appropriate files, changing your package name and exporting your app.


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