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EasyLogin Pro - User Membership System V1.2.10

by josiec09 - 07-06-2020, 12:11 PM
Jun 2020
Posted: 07-06-2020, 12:11 PM (This post was last modified: 07-06-2020, 12:16 PM by josiec09. Edited 1 time in total. Edited 1 time in total.)
I have used it on a few websites and it is a great little membership system enjoy. If link goes down let me know i will get it fixed asap.

  • Full Authentication – The script provides the complete functionality for authentication: Log in, Sign up, Email Activation and Password Recover.
  • User Settings – The users have access to a settings page where they can change the email address, username, password, profile information and upload avatars.
  • Social Authentication – The script includes a whopping of 10 different social authentication methods: Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Instagram, VK, Yammer, Foursquare and Soundcloud.
  • Private Messages – The user can add users as contacts and send messages. With a decent server you can even enable realtime messages.
  • Comment System – Full comment system integrated.
  • Modals or Inline – Choose between dialog prompts or standard inline forms.
  • 6 Color Schemes – The script comes with 6 color schemes Dark, Light, Blue, Coffee, Ectoplasm and Midnight.
  • Responsive Design – Using the Bootstrap front-end framework, EasyLogin Pro is completely optimized for mobile devices.
  • Advance User Fields – Add your own custom fields with validation and display them in the sign up form, user settings or admin page.
  • Advance Mailer – Use a SMTP configuration, navite PHP mail or the popular Mailgun and Mandrill mail services.
  • Multi Language – Add as many translations you want. The script will automatically detect your language.
  • Admin Contrl Panel – Manage users, roles, custom fields, script settings, send emails and private messages.
  • User Roles & Permissions – Create multiple roles with permissions and assign them to the users.
  • AJAX Driven System – All of the form are submitted with AJAX to minimize page refreshes and for a better user experience.
  • Security – The script uses Bcrypt for password hashing, encrypted cookies, XSS and CSRF attack preventions.
  • Quick Start + In Depth Documentation – Install and configure the script in matter of minutes or read the in depth documentation to learn more about the script.
  • Powerful API – Create your own design then just simply call intuitive classes and methods for log in, sign up, etc.


Jun 2020
Posted: 11-07-2020, 07:54 AM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2020, 07:56 AM by GGM. Edited 1 time in total. Edited 1 time in total.)
Yeah it is but this doesn't work with brave browser, you get a "Access to XMLHttpRequest at ......  has been blocked by CORS policy: Request header field x-csrf-token is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response. error when trying to register, login etc works fine with chrome and other browsers.  Going to try and find out if the latest version also has this problem but it also seems the author has abandoned it which is a shame as there is also vulnerabilities in it from version 1.3 down ( ) just a heads up for anyone that wants to use it on a live site.
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