Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress v3.3

by AndresXZ09 - 28-06-2015, 07:28 PM
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Posted: 28-06-2015, 07:28 PM
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Tap into Facebook’s [b]600 million plus users[/b] now with the hottest Facebook traffic plugin. [b]Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress[/b] is a new breed of ‘popups’ that will allow you to have your users like your pages, instead of trying to get them to click ads. [b]More likes = more exposure = more traffic = more money! Facebook Traffic Pop, is the original, and still the best! Dont be fooled by knock off’s and buggy clones.[/b]


  • [b]LOCKS out page functionality[/b] behind the popup! [b]Popup will follow the user[/b] up and down the page staying centered!

  • Set options right from your [b]WordPress admin panel[/b]!

  • [b]Theme Support[/b] in version 3 allows you to install theme packs to change the look of Facebook Traffic Pop!

  • Easy popup formatting with built in WordPress post editor for popup message!

  • Includes both Like and Share buttons!

  • Set-up takes less than [b]2 minutes![/b]

  • [b]Smart Mobile Detection[/b] – Will only show FBTP to users who have supported screen resolutions & sizes.

  • Popup will [b]re-center itself[/b] whenever the screen size changes, device rotated, or onclick event is fired.

  • [b]Cookies remember[/b] users who already ‘Liked’ the page

  • Can automatically set the like button to user the visitor’s current page / post / whatever!

  • Use a URL of your choice, or enter a Facebook Page URL to have people becomes fans of your Facebook Page!

  • Optional close button

  • Optional [b]close on escape key, and on click of area outside the plugin![/b]

  • Works on all sites and big and small Viral

  • Facebook styled pop-up is proven to induce more ‘Like’ clicks!

  • Supports Facebook’s [b]Showfaces and Color Scheme options![/b]

  • [b]Make Facebook your slave with one line of code![/b]
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