Zombie – Resurrection v2.0 – Endless Fighting

by linkzy - 19-11-2015, 05:56 PM
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Posted: 19-11-2015, 05:56 PM
[Image: zombie_preview_image.jpg]
Now all 14 Zombies are included (spawn randomly with one of the 14 skins)
Latest CocoonJS Update has been included (Facebook Share Function is in Beta and will come with a further update, if CocoonJS includes it)
CocoonJS Plugin has been added to the archive, please install at least the version of CJS including in the package, or download a newer one from github. See docs)
Wiki has been createad for Zombie Resurrection (http://shatter-box.com/kb/documentation/) – This page will be filled up with usefull stuff around the games
A debug mode has been added (See wiki/docs)
An exit button has been added
Mobile share function (facebook button) has been added, but is still in beta and will be updated soon)
Some bugs have been fixed and performance has been improved
IOS, Android & HTML5 files have been updated to V1.5
Fullscreen ads added after player died (randomly, needs ludei premium, mopub & admob accounts) – See wiki
‘Clear Progress’ button has been added to purge offline progress (Leaderboard is not affected).
Google Play Games Leaderboard has been improved (+ Logout button)
First weapon (Revolver) is now available for free from scratch (see wiki how to set weapons available for free)
More coins per kill (see wiki how to change the amount of coins per kill)

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