phpGuard PRO – Security for your site

by udin - 29-09-2015, 04:27 AM
Sep 2015
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Posted: 29-09-2015, 04:27 AM
[Image: phpguard-pro-security-for-your-site.jpg]

[Image: NgjQFSu.png] phpGuard PRO – Security for your site
phpGuard PRO is a product that will protect your site from hackers and attacks. It could protect your site from SQLi (SQL Injection), Mass Requests (DDoS), XSS, Proxy, Spammers, Malicious Files (Shells) and other types of threats.
Each attack is logged in the database (No Duplicates).

phpGuard PRO comes with powerful admin panel, from which you can view all logs and he is also integrated with Ban system from which can be viewed and banned users and countries. The Admin Panel has many features and settings. Through it can be easily managed the whole phpGuard PRO, as well as all of its modules and functions.
[Image: hvpZTi9.png] Features
  • SQLi Protection – Protection module for SQL Injections (SQLi) and XSS Vulnerabilities.

  • Mass Requests Protection – Protection Module for Mass Requests that are made in order to overload your site.

  • Spam Protection – Protection Module for Spammers and Spam Bots that aim to spam your site.

  • Proxy Protection – Protection Module from Proxy Visitors or so-called people hiding behind proxies.

  • Malicious Files Scanner – Scanner for Malicious Files that will scan your site and notifies you if detected viruses.

  • Input Santitization – Protection Module that sanitize all incoming and outgoing fields and requests.

  • DNSBL Integration – Integration with some of the best Spam Databases (DNSBL).

  • Ban System – Ban System with which can be blocked and redirected users and countries.

  • Auto Ban – Function that will automatically block people behind attacks against your site.

  • Dashboard with Stats – Dashboard in the Admin Panel with Statistics about your site.

  • Attack Logs – Function that will log each attack in the Database (No Dublicates).

  • E-Mail Notifications – Receive E-Mail Notifications if someone tries to hack your site.

  • Useful Tools – Large collection of Tools such as: .htaccess Editor, HTML & PHP Encryptor, Pass & Hash Generator.

  • Errors Monitoring – Useful tool that logs all errors in the site that can be viewed later.

  • IP Whitelist – A list of IP Addresses that will be ignored by phpGuard PRO and will not be blocked.

  • Site Information – Module with a huge amount of Information and Statistics about your site.

  • Full Management – You can manage all settings of the script and all modules of the script

  • Well Documented – ?asy to understand documentation

  • Easy to setup – The script is integrated with Installation Wizard

  • Easy for use – Include one file (security.php)
and many more…
[Image: 9UWrBqM.png] Requirements
  • PHP 5.x or higher version

  • MySQL 4.x or higher version
[Image: bTCp8nD.png] Installation
  1. Upload on host via FTP

  2. Open your site and follow the steps from the Installation Wizard

  3. Now put this code in a main file of your site to enable phpGuard PRO (Change “phpguard_folder” with the path on which you installed the product)
    include "phpguard_folder/config.php";
    include "phpguard_folder/security.php";

  4. Now you have fully installed phpGuard PRO on your site!
[Image: r9n5fSw.png] Check the demo

Admin Panel:
Please note that some of the functions in the demo are disabled in the demo version!
You can see the Documentation here

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Sep 2015
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Posted: 30-09-2015, 01:55 PM
Thank you we will test
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