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Welcome to Member Contests & Giveaways!

Section Rules

  • Every user should have equal chances of winning a contest.
  • Every contest must have an ending date. If you did not specify an ending date then you will be contacted by a staff member and told to add one. If you do not set an ending date within 12 hours after you've been reminded, your contest will be removed.
  • Every contest must state how users enter the contest.
  • A contest must have a minimum duration of 48 hours to give every user equal chances of noticing the contest.
  • The duration of a contest can not be shortened after the contest has started.
  • The host of the contest has to announce the winner within 48 hours after the contest has ended. This announcement has to be publicly accessible (Best case: In the contest thread).
  • If you can not conclude the contest within 48 hours after the contest has ended you are allowed to extend the duration of the contest up to 7 days. However, this can only be done once.
  • If the winner of a contest did not receive his prize within 7 days after the contest has ended, the winner can open up a report against the host. The host then has to send us evidence that the winner received their prize.
  • You can only host 2 simultaneous contests.
  • The host is prohibited to change the criteria of a contest after the contest has started.
  • If you want a contest that can not comply with one of those rules, contact us in the Ask Staff section. We might make an exception on the rules if your contest idea sounds good.
  • Once a contest/giveaway has concluded, you must edit the original post or make a new post(on the contest thread) to announce the winner(s) of the contest/giveaway and provide proof that the prize was received by said winner(s).

Entering a Contest Rules

  • Only post on a giveaway if you're entering it and make sure you meet the requirement.

The Terms and Rules can be changed at any point. Check this post before you start or enter a contest.
If for what ever reason you need to break one of these rules please pm the sectional mod or one of the staff with your reason and what rule to break.

RE: Contests & Giveaway Rules

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23-09-2022, 03:25 AM
I would like to make it clear that this section is for giving back to the community through a giveaway/contest sort of thing. Do not post leaks here or use hide tags. I've gone ahead and locked all old threads in this section. If you break the rules going forward as listed above, you will be issued a 20% warning. Again, do not post leaks in this section. Please refresh the rules above to ensure you know them before posting a thread in this section.
Please read the award requirements here before applying for them.
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