[DBTech] vBActivity & Awards Pro v3.1.9 for vBulletin v3.8.x & v4.x.x.

by RKhan - 25-07-2015, 04:54 PM
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Posted: 25-07-2015, 04:54 PM
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DragonByte Technologies are proud to present vBActivity & Awards v3: The most advanced, most feature-rich and most professional Activity tracking system ever.

vBActivity & Awards from DragonByte Tech is a modification designed to allow yourself and your members to keep track of their activity, and be rewarded for it. Give points for many different actions - Posting, Starting threads, Voting, Referrals...

Furthermore, your members get rewarded for creating content which is popular! Gain points for every post in a thread you created, points for high thread ratings, for having a good reputation and more!

You can utilise vBAA to encourage members to do certain things on your forum. Lack of new threads? Increase the points given for starting a thread and watch as the thread count rises. Need an influx of new members? Give a boost to referral points and watch as people try to collect more points.

Set Achievement targets for your members to encourage them to get more posts, start more threads, or do any one of a number of things!

Is quality more important to your forum than quantity? Use our Awards system. Manually allocate medals to users for things like the most thoughtful post, the best thread or even things like the most unique signature!


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Isn't this signature cool ? Heart
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