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Easy Skins V1.4.3 <LASTEST>

Submitted by danielgautier, , Thread ID: 205616

05-05-2021, 11:24 AM
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[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]Easy Skins V 1.4.3[/font]

[Image: 6b37e751264fc49f2220b3cd4596d1fa.png]

[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]DESCRIPTION[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]GMODSTORE LINK[/font]

[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]DOWNOAD :[/font]
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[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]The perfect tool to add skins into your server, players love to customize their favorite weapons. Customize everything, reward donators, group supporters and more! Fully configurable from the in-game menu.[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][b]Monetization Options[/b]
  • Give exclusive skins for free to donators

  • Make special skins donator only

  • Players can buy your currency points to afford skins

  • Allow donators to access the shop remotely

  • Offer a discount in the shop for donators

  • Organize a raffle/tombola and give out skins to the winner(s)

  • Contest for best skin design, put the skin in the shop

  • Make skins purchasable with a 'special/paid' currency
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]
[b]Community Growth[/b]
  • Steam Group members get a discount

  • Players with the server tag in their name get a discount

  • Skins only buyable for members and tag users
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]
[b]Supporting Addons[/b]
Easy Skins uses following addons to offer/receive additional functionality.
[b]Administration Tools[/b]:
  • FAdmin

  • SAM

  • Server Guard

  • ULX

  • XAdmin
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]
[b]Currency Systems[/b]:
  • Credit Store

  • DarkRP

  • GlorifiedBanking

  • Pointshop

  • Pointshop2

  • PointshopSH

  • xStore
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]
  • Ballistic Shields

  • Brick's Unboxing 🎲 - Trading, Marketplace, Rewards

  • MAC's Simple NPCs

  • Retro Boombox

  • VoidCases - Unboxing System

  • Weapon Holsters with editor

  • Xenin Battle Pass

  • Xenin Care Package

  • Xenin F4

  • Xenin Inventory

  • Zero´s Vendingmachines
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]
Want support for another addon? Let me know and support will be added!
Easy Skins depends on a currency system if skins are not free (price=0).

Drag and drop in `...\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons\`

Data is not saved in the z_easyskins folder, you can replace all files. Don't forget to re-enter your database credentials when using MySQL.

All content will automatically be downloaded from the workshop.
* Size: 45mb (compressed)[/font]

RE: Easy Skins V1.4.3 <LASTEST>

09-05-2021, 12:23 AM
Easychat is one of my favorite addons, I wish more servers used it.

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