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Elden Ring Has Already Won a Game of the Year Award

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18-09-2022, 01:47 AM
Elden Ring gets the Game of the Year award from the Japan Game Awards, a show taking place as part of TGS 2022. Its an obvious fact that Elden Ring has been one of the more notable releases of 2022 to many gamers. Getting amazing sales figures and critical praise, many believed even in the initial not many months of this current year that Elden Ring ought to be delegated game of the year. The game comes from acclaimed engineer FromSoftware, recently known for the Dark Spirits set of three and other hits like Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Kick the bucket Two times.

Elden Ring marks FromSoftware's initial attempt into a really open world title, allowing players to roam the Lands Between in any capacity they want, with as couple of limitations as conceivable. Elden Ring's stellar surveys have praised everything from the atmosphere and narrative set up in that open world, to the legend crafted by series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin, to the troublesome combat that demonstrates both amazingly frustrating and rewarding.

All of these factors joined to make what many would think about 2022's game of the year. Presently, the Japan Game Awards have perceived Elden Ring as such an impressive title. The awards show initially began in 1996, and has been celebrating achievements in gaming since. FromSoftware brought back home the Grand Award, which equates to the Japan Game Awards' Game of the Year. The Elden Ring designer then posted about the success on Twitter, thanking its local area for playing.

Fans in the remarks of FromSoftware's Twitter post congratulated the company on its success, however followed by mentioning some form of information on Elden Ring DLC. Considering Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have shows planned at the current year's Tokyo Game Show, many fans have their fingers crossed that some form of Elden Ring DLC could be announced for then. Already, it is believed that from leaks that surfaced two or three months ago that additional substance for Elden Ring could take players to the Badlands.

Whether Elden Ring DLC is announced soon or not, all things considered, many will be seeing FromSoftware's latest title make its way to a couple of more gaming award shows. There are a couple of games that could thump Elden Ring from a potential Game of the Year win just on the horizon in 2022, for example, Lord of War Ragnarok, which as of late flaunted a brand-new gander at its story. Also, earlier in the year, Skyline Forbidden West, a game released at a similar chance to Elden Ring, got a Best Game award dominate.

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