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Garry's Mod Beginner's Guide 2

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07-01-2021, 09:24 PM
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In this section we are going to now actually start playing Garry's Mod!

First click on "Start New Game". There will then be a menu letting you choose which map you want to play in. It should look like this:
Click on the one that says "gm_construct", then click "Start Game".

After the map has loaded, you should see something like this:
Congratulations! You are now inside the game world, ready to play!

You should now have a little walk around, and get acquainted with your surroundings.
When you are ready, hold down Q to open the Spawn Menu. To keep it open, you need to keep Q held down. Look at the lists of objects, then click on and object's icon to spawn it. You should be aiming/looking at the ground in front of you, because when you spawn something from the Spawn Menu, it spawns right in the direct center of your screen. This is shown by a few dots in the center. Releasing the Q key closes the spawn menu.

Now that you have spawned some objects, I bet you're asking yourself, "How do I move this stuff around?". Well, you should be holding a weird sort of gun in your hands, glowing blue by default. (It's shown in the image above) This is called the "Physgun", being short for "Physics Gun". It allows you to manipulate objects and other stuff in the game. If you are not holding it, the scroll wheel on your mouse allows you to select different weapons and tools. When you have highlighted the weapon/tool you want to select, just left click! If your mouse doesn't have a scroll wheel, the number keys (1 to 6) can be used to select weapons/tools instead. With the physgun equipped, aim at the object you spawned and left click on it. As long as you have the left mouse button held down, you will be "holding" it with the physgun. If you move the mouse around while holding the object with the physgun, (Keep left mouse button held down) it will move around with the camera. If you hold down E while holding an object with the physgun, you can rotate the object by moving the mouse around. Pressing the forward or backward movement keys (W and S) with E held down, you can move the object forward and backward! This can be useful for placing stuff in/onto places or other stuff with precision. If you right click while holding something with the physgun, it will freeze that object into place. Pressing the R key twice will un-freeze everything you have frozen. Please note that NPC's (Non-Player Characters) and vehicles cannot be frozen, even though vehicles will show the green flash effect that is given off when something has been frozen.

If you ever want or need to fly around the map to get to a particular spot, or to get up close to a usually inaccessible part of something you're making, you can use the "No-Clip" mode to fly around and go through stuff! It is, by default, toggled with the V key.

There are many, many things that can be done in Garry's Mod, like building rockets that people can ride, super cars that go as fast as lightning, catapults that shoot stuff over long distances, there is quite a damn lot of things you can do in this game, but it's even more fun when you can do all this with other players! See the next section on how to play online with other players!

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