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God of War 2 Fan Recreates Main Menu Using LEGOs

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07-09-2022, 11:02 AM
LEGO rounds of notable series have been well known to play among all ages, with establishments going from Batman to Indiana Jones. One such fan made a mystery of God of War as a LEGO game, which includes a more developed establishment than what LEGO is known for. God of War and LEGO consolidate to make this new and captivating idea for fans.

The E rating is important for LEGO games' personality, so fans will utilize LEGO items to some of the time fabricate structures from other family amicable establishments, for example, one fan who made Kanto's Route 3 from Pokemon. Tragically, this leaves out different IPs with higher development appraisals. It's then, at that point, surrendered to fans to envision what their #1 games would resemble assuming they were given the LEGO treatment. One such maker, Bricks of Chaos, shares their ideas for a LEGO variant of God of War on their Instagram. The page is loaded up with LEGO characters, yet sets, miniatures, and even elements a secret trailer of the God of War 2 main menu assuming it was in a LEGO game.
The PC created LEGO entertainment of the God of War 2 menu is introduced as though a player could flip between choices themselves. The movement starts with the alleged player flipping through the main menu to pick the trouble setting of the game. When picked, the movement goes about as though the game starts, with Kratos ascending off his privileged position as the camera zooms out then back in. After a blur to dark, the title screen flaunts "LEGO God of War 2." This goes about as the beginning stage on how fans can envision what a God of War 2 LEGO game could resemble in the event that it was delivered by Sony and Traveler's Tales. This LEGO menu is a treat for fans, as God of War 2 is a nostalgic game from the PS2 period.

Notwithstanding, due to God of War 2's development rating, it is far-fetched that fans will at any point see LEGO items including this game. LEGO ordinarily requests to a more youthful crowd, joining forces with more amicable establishments like Minecraft, superheroes, and even Star Wars, similar to the new LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga game. It's gratitude to makers like Bricks of Chaos on Instagram who rejuvenate mature games with LEGO that this vision should be visible.

With new ongoing interaction film uncovered for God of War Ragnarok, assumptions are high, and thus, this maker's God of War LEGO content is more important than any other time in recent memory. In addition to the fact that it is a good time for fans of the two IPs, however it might likewise energize Traveler's Tales and Sony to extend its points of view with regards to LEGO items, as it has developed to be valued by all ages.

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