Hello World!

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08-10-2020, 11:47 AM
Hello, internet.

I found this forum searching for fraud fox, but when I found this place I was amazed it reminded me of the internet years ago, before it was all commercialized.
So I created a account and here I am now.
So far this site seems really interesting, I hope it just doesn't ever become very mainstream.

My only experience with sites like this is through the darknet, but that type of stuff got too old too quickly.
Now that not to say I'm a noob in that part of the internet, I am actually know a ton about the whole darknet scene so if you have any questons about it ask me!
Now since I don't know anything about this site I feel like the noob.

As u can see I am a very sad a lowly rank right now , :( but soon I will be a newbie and then I will level up from there till maybe one day people come to me for advice.
But for now I am a noob.

RE: Hello World!

08-10-2020, 12:22 PM
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Im new here i was introduced by my friend who used to be only here for leaked gmod paid mods but he realized its a nice communtiy and i mindlessly browse reddit and 4chan alot and so far im loving it
some more about meĀ 
Im from the u.s (im from the state of maryland)
computer nerd
rich boy lol
adhd having retard
eminem stan
interested in way to much aka jack of all trades master of none

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