How does everyone find and select a hosting provider?

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27-05-2021, 12:15 AM
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With there being so many hosting providers to choose from in the market how does everyone locate and then select a provider?
I am referring to the full suite of products (VPS, Web Hosting, Cloud Server, Dedicated Server, Domains, etc)

Overall marketing would have you believe a $2 VPS is as good as a $50 VPS and in some cases they are but in others they are completely different.

Better be cheap and easy?
Your technical and select based on the underlying hardware, virtualisation method, and all the features?
Has to be automated with a slick control panel?
If its not on page 1 of my search results I wont find it?
Reviews better be good and easy to find?
I found it on (insert social media platform here)
I need a particular really niche application/language and they have it
Support team is amazing and respond within minutes and they actually know what they are doing
Free uptime monitoring that alerts me when my service is down

Insert any other reasons here.

For me it needs to be
Fair price that is still accessible for something that might go nowhere
The platform and technologies need to be good, but will select based on how much I care about the server failing or if I can run 2 for the price of 1 and setup HA
Needs to be somewhere in the first 3 pages of search results
Decent customer reviews
Social presence where outages, platform updates, maintenance, interesting articles, etc are posted to
Dont care much for support ... provided their control panel lets me do what I need to do as I will throw a server away and spin up a new one if it is dead.
Free monitoring is nice but usually pretty basic eg: ping and http checks so it doesn't impact my decision unless their monitoring was epic with something from one of the big providers (Sensu, LogicMonitor, PRTG, etc, etc)

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