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How to ABH in GMOD

Submitted by Happy Waschbar, , Thread ID: 192956

07-01-2021, 09:50 PM
The first thing we need to talk about is the several ways one may ABH, here are two of the methods:
1. Scripted ABH, this is when one may use scripts to ABH
2. Mouse-Wheel ABH, this is when one uses the mouse-wheel to jump as fast as possible
Mouse Wheel ABH
We will first talk about the second method we mentioned above. Mouse-Wheel ABHing is the method I use and I only find it has one downside: it disables one from using the mouse-wheel to select weapons. The first step in Mouse-Wheel ABHing is to put this command in your console bind mwheelup "+jump" ; bind mwheeldown "+jump" after this command is executed, scrolling will make you jump (it won't effect your original jump key). Now, look at where you wish to go; turn 180 degrees, and start sprinting backwards for about three-quarters a second, then jump, release the backwards movement key as well as your sprint key, hold down crouch (and don't let go), and scroll up and down continuously, congratulations, you are now Mouse-Wheel ABHing!
Scripted ABHing
We actually have no idea how this works whatsoever, sorry for all you third-party script fans!
Due to a recent update, ABH is unfortunately no longer a "feature" of Garry's Mod. However, there is an addon that can reverse this bug fix.
If you would like to ABH in Garry's Mod, please install the following addon:

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