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How to fix Lua Errors without re-installing(Guide)(not always working)

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06-01-2021, 11:57 PM
The following guide is only for the inexperienced of Garry's Mod.
Have an annoying bug? Like "Something is causing errors" or missing textures? Take a look at this.
Missing Textures or errors
-Try installing Counter Strike: Source (or if you can't afford it, use the SteamCMD method)
-Look at the workshop page. Do you have the things that they listed?
-Click the controller icon in the menu and mount your games.
Something is creating script errors
-Press the ~ key. You should see a bunch of garbled gunk that's related to code. Take a look at it closer, and you'll see a file name and directory. What does it relate to? Lets say it had something to do with FAS:2 Sweps. Disable the mod, and report the bug to the author.
-Did you create the mod? You should know what to do then. There is an error code at the end of the message like "unexpected end" or something, with the line.
Weird textures
-Go to your launch options and try -dxlevel 80
-Again, MOUNT YOUR GAMES! All of them!
Bad lag at startup
This is a common issue that a lot of people have. When the game gets past the Facepunch loading screen, the game still has to cache all your addons. If you want a faster startup, remove some addons.
Uninstall needless addons (player models that you get from servers)
Verify your game cache
Verify source games (like TF2, CSS and HL2)
The only reason that you'll ever need to re-install Garry's Mod is if

  1. You have an LUA virus (extremely unlikely)
  2. You're doing a new install on a new computer or hard drive
  3. You had to clear space before
If you have an "LUA Virus", check your LUA folder. Is there any suspicious files? Delete them. If you get errors, check the console, remove the addon.

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