Jens Let There Be Light: Photoshop Actions

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[Image: LTBL_PS.jpg]

Jens fabulous stuff
Let There Be Light: Photoshop Actions
SKU: JFM3020_1


Let There Be Light is a fresh new way to look at post production. Lighting in the studio can give you amazing results with your work - and whether you want to emphasis that lighting or create it from scratch - Let There Be Light is going to be your go-to tools to get you there.
With full control over how much or how little you want the effect, these non-destructive actions set you up for success in a click-of-a-mouse! Give subtle brilliance of in-depth lighting to your subject. Add depth and interest to flat images. Add drama and creativity to the eyes and face, the background, the hair - anywhere you want the effect!
Allow Let There Be Light to give your images, indoor or outdoor, the perfect lighting that will bring your subject to life. 
Lighting is one of the most powerful ways to not only set the mood for the image, but to create a wide variety of looks from soft and subtle to bold and powerful. You can rely on Let There Be Light to offer you what you need for lighting.

This collection is complete with 10 actions which include:

Highlights - to add or create the lightest points in the image
Darks - to add depth to the darkest parts of the image
Shadows - deepen and accentuate shadows to sculpt your perfect image
Fill Light - shine a little light where you need it
Harsh Light - perfect for rim lighting, give that strong and bold lighting feel to any image
Soft Light - gently softens and adds a beautiful glow
Yellow Haze - use a haze for a more vintage look that mimics those hot summer days
Red Haze - layer it, or use it alone for a hint of red
Blue Haze - perfect for those images near the water
Compatible with Elements and CS versions of Photoshop.


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