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01-01-2021, 01:02 AM
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[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]Give to the players of your DarkRP server the opportunity to play a job that is not used as much as it could be![/font]

[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]
[Image: MAYOR%20GAMEPLAY.png]
Thanks to the several features (explained below), your mayor will be really useful, everything is very easy to use with the computer. Also, the new board that the addon contains is optimized and has a scrolling system (where the DarkRP just displays the laws out of the board). The wanted screen also adds realism and gameplay to your server.

[Image: CITY%20FUNDS%20SYSTEM.png]
The addon is working with a custom funds system, representing the funds of the city. Those can be used to buy upgrades, give bonus to policemen, etc... Those funds are stored in a safe which can also be robbed. Funds are mainly managed by the mayor.

[Image: MAYOR%20COMPUTER%20(3D).png]
The most important feature of the addon, is the computer dedicated to the mayor. Thanks to it, the mayor is able to manage all the city! There are many categories of actions listed below.[/font]
  • Upgrades: Allows you to [b]buy many upgrades[/b] (configurable), they can upgrade the salary of the policemen, their equipments, their bulletproof vest, the max storage for the city funds...

  • Taxes: Allows you to [b]set a tax for each job[/b]. All earnings are put in the city funds.

  • Gun Licenses: Allows you to [b]manage who has a gun a license[/b] (or not), by granting or revoking one.

  • Laws: Allows you to [b]add or remove a law[/b] easily that will also be displayed in the city board.

  • Policemen: Allows you to [b]give bonuses or to fire any policeman[/b].

  • Warrants: Allows you to [b]warrant or unwarrant anyone[/b]

  • Wanted: Allows you to [b]make wanted or unwanted anyone [/b]

  • Message: Allows you to [b]display a message on the wanted screens[/b] in the city.

  • Lockdown: Allows you to [b]enable or disable a lockdown[/b] in the city.
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]
[Image: CUSTOM%20CITY%20BOARD.png]
The DarkRP default laws board is replaced by a fully custom city board, showing many more information. The new one is more optimized and improved. It shows the name of the mayor, the funds of the city, the number of current wanted, the average tax and the laws (with a scrolling system, where the darkrp just displays out of the board).

[Image: WANTED%20SCREEN.png]
Another important feature is the wanted screen, it shows the wanted persons (name, model, reason) to add more realism in your server and let everyone know who is wanted. The wanted screen can also be used by the mayor to display a message that everyone will be able to see.

[Image: CITY%20HALL%20SAFE.png]
To add more gameplay, a city hall safe can be placed somewhere. It's the place where the funds of the city are stored. The mayor is able to withdraw and deposit funds thanks to the safe. The safe can also be lockpicked (making alarm sound) and the money inside can be stolen by someone. Its size is configurable![/font]

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