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[LEAK]Aesthetic Weapon Switch Menu ?

Submitted by Sergey Jeleznekov, , Thread ID: 192556

03-01-2021, 09:13 PM
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Weapon menu HUD
Aesthetic Weapon Switch Menu
Tired of the default ugly weapon switch menu? Try this one! This addon will replace your default weapon menu with a custom one! Aesthetic menu feels completely different. It's lightweight, fast and simple. Its design is much different than the default one.

Customizable HUD colors
Customizable size
Customizable weapon icon
Customizable sounds
Customizable fonts
Adjustable position (both vertical and horizontal)
Adjustable alignment (left side or right side)
Probably even more stuff that came with updates.
Just simply drop it into the addons folder.

How do I edit the menu?

Go to the aestheticmenu/lua folder and edit config in the aestheticconfig.lua file.

It's not compatible with the TTT gamemode.

Errors and suggestions
If you happen to find any errors then please send me a support ticket.

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