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Submitted by HerbThePerv, , Thread ID: 182880

06-10-2020, 06:39 PM

Flat Load is a simple yet stylish loading screen for Garry's Mod which can display a users steam avatar, name and steam id.
There is also a download counter in which displays the number of remaining downloads that are left for the user to download.
Flat Load comes with 6 different backgrounds images and the loading screen will fade between them, changing these backgrounds is also super easy as they are automatically selected from a backgrounds folder, simply add in as many or as little backgrounds as you want to make Flat Load your own.
Flat Load also comes in a variety of different colours in which are super easy to change between.
Included in the package are multiple versions of the loading screen, one with a large text box on the right and another one where the text box has been modified to work as a simple rules list, both versions are visible in the media tab.
All the HTML Code has been commented so as to make it easier for you to see what does what and so you can be confident that you are editing the right thing.
Music is also super easy to add and is random, all you need to do is add your audio files into the songs folder and everything is handled automatically.

  • Steam Card featuring the users Name, Avatar and ID
  • Fading Background Images [Automatically selected from the backgrounds folder]
  • Customisable Text Box / Rules List
  • Download Counter
  • Fully Scalable Background Images That Fade Between Each Other & Retains Aspect Ratio
  • 22 Different Customisable colour bars
  • Optional Random Music Player
Random Music Player

A random music player and it's super simple to use, all you do is add your audio files into the songs folder of the package and the rest is automatically sorted out. Add as many songs as you want and it'll randomly select one to play.

What's Included In The Package
  • All Loading Screen Source Files
  • Fully Commented HTML Source File
  • 6 Background images
  • 22 Colours for the header bar
  • Multiple coloured header bars
  • Optional Random Music Script
  • Detailed documentation which covers how to configure and install your new loading screen
  • Detailed Q&A document with many questions answered including how to set your loading url
  • Basic HTML Knowledge [The file is commented to make things easier if you have limited or no knowledge]
  • A Code Editor [Notepad will work but Notepad++ will be easier due to syntax highlighting]
  • A Webkit Powered Browser To Preview Your New Loading Screen [either Google chrome or Apple safari]
  • A Web Host with PHP Support

Included is detailed documentation on how to set things up and get the loading screen working as well as how to configure almost every aspect of the loading screen such as backgrounds, music script, speed of backgrounds fading etc.
If you get stuck on anything then just open a support ticket or message me on steam and I will be able to help you with any issues you may encounter


Unfortunately due to the nature of this content being digital and also being distributed digitally for free here on nulledbb, there is no need for refunds xD


This loading screen has special requirements to be able to work correctly.
The instructions will help you but it is vital that when you set the loading url that you add: ?steamid=%s to the end of the url.
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