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[LEAK] Simple Cigarette Factory

Submitted by CeaWasInUse, , Thread ID: 272171

21-08-2023, 09:07 PM

Quote:What is Cigarette Factory?
It's a simple, yet fun script that allows players to make money by selling illegal cigarettes. I think it seems like a really fresh and unique idea, that I haven't seen here before. It fits almost any roleplay server - unlike meth and some other drugs, illegal cigarettes are popular in many countries. The script comes with custom models and sounds (I know these models aren't perfect, but... hey I'm new to that)

😏 How does it actually work?
The main idea is straightforward. All you have to do is buy a machine and supply it with both tobacco and paper. If everything goes smoothly, the machine should start producing cigarette packs. Now you can either pack them into a box or use one (if you've enabled compatibility with cigarette swep in the config). Boxes with cigarette packs can be picked up and sold in the nearest export van (default sell mode) or instantly sold by clicking E on them (instant sell mode). If a player fails to deliver held boxes and dies, he drops them.

Machines can also be upgraded, as there are two upgrades: engine upgrade and storage upgrade - Engine upgrade basically speeds up the entire production process, while storage upgrade allows you to store more tobacco and paper in the machine.

Considering these machines are illegal they're also destructible. Their health can be tweaked in the config, however, a police baton destroys them in one hit.

💡 Can you change/add something?
Most of the stuff is tweakable due to the config. If you're really concerned about something then feel free to send me a support ticket. If you have an interesting idea that isn't too demanding just ask me.

This script is also easily translatable. Currently, there are 24 phrases that need to be translated.

👨‍💼 What do I need to know as an admin?
Considering the fact that this script uses vans as a sort of cigarette selling point you need to know they will disappear with server restart like any other entity. To prevent that use the cf_save command as an admin (This will make them appear even after the server restarts). You can also test already saved vans using the cf_load command.

Bear in mind that every server has a different economy and you'll probably have to tweak the config slightly. Probably change how much a cigarette pack costs.

(Optional) If you also want to add the ability to pick up and smoke cigarettes download this addon and make sure cf.allowSwep is set to true in the config.


Quote:German translation by Funny_TV:

cf.StorageDescText = Lagerungs Upgrade für Auto-CIG
cf.ProductionOffText = Production-Aus
cf.ProducingText = PRODUZIEREN
cf.EngineText = MOTOR UPGRADE
cf.EngineDescText = Motor upgrade für Auto-CIG
cf.BoxDescText1 = Versandkarton ausschließlich für
cf.BoxDescText2 = Zigaretten.
cf.BoxDescText3 = Schachtel
cf.BoxDescText4 = Wert
cf.CurrencyText = €
cf.Notification1 = Du kannst nicht mehr als
cf.Notification2 = Ziagretten tragen!
cf.Notification3 = Du nimmst ein Packet mit
cf.Notification4 = Zigarretenschachtel(n)!
cf.MachineHealth = HP
cf.VanDescText1 = Preis:
cf.VanDescText2 = pro Zigarettenschachtel
cf.SellText1 = Du verkaufst
cf.SellText2 = Zigarretenschachtel(n)) für
cf.CommandText1 = Verkaufs Van wurde gespeichert
cf.CommandText2 = Verkaufs Van wurden geladen

French translation by Theo Dwayne:

cf.StorageText = "Augmenter le niveau de stockage"
cf.StorageDescText = "Augmentation du niveau de stockage pour AUTO-CIG"
cf.ProductionOffText = "PRODUCTION OFF"
cf.ProducingText = "Production en cours"
cf.RefillNeededText = "Besoin d'être recharger"
cf.EngineText = "Amelioration moteur"
cf.EngineDescText = "Amelioration du moteur pour AUTO-CIG"
cf.BoxText = "Boîte d'expédition"
cf.BoxDescText1 = "Boîte faite uniquement pour"
cf.BoxDescText2 = "l'exportation de cigarettes."
cf.BoxDescText3 = "Paquet a l'interieur: "
cf.BoxDescText4 = "Valeur: "
cf.CurrencyText = "$"
cf.Notification1 = "Vous ne pouvez pas porter plus de "
cf.Notification2 = " cigarettes!"
cf.Notification3 = "Vous avez ramassé une boîte contenant "
cf.Notification4 = " paquet(s)!"
cf.MachineHealth = "HP"
cf.VanText = "EXPORT VAN"
cf.VanDescText1 = "Vous gagnez "
cf.VanDescText2 = " pour chaque paquet de cigarettes"
cf.SellText1 = "Vous avez vendu "
cf.SellText2 = " paquet(s) de cigarettes pour "
cf.CommandText1 = "Les camionnettes d'exportation ont été sauvées"
cf.CommandText2 = "Les camionnettes d'exportation ont été chargées"

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