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Leaked Splatoon 3 Map Shows a Flooded Earth

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30-08-2022, 09:59 AM
Starting from the first game released back in 2015, it's been realized that the Splatoon series is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where rising seas prompted mankind's elimination and aquatic life developing to becoming the dominant land-dwellers. There's actually an impressive amount of legend behind the basic "squid kids shoot ink at each other for sport" premise, and with Splatoon 3 just two weeks away from launch, dataminers accept they've uncovered a new piece of it: a map of the game's version of the world.

Fans will actually want to get their first legitimate taste of Splatoon 3's gameplay tomorrow courtesy of the Splatfest World Premiere Demo. With the demo now available to download, dataminers have been digging around to see what interesting tidbits they can find, and apparently they've managed to discover surface files that remember a full-for world map.

Said map was shared by rassicas on Twitter, who acknowledged RAMDRAGONS for extracting the Splatoon 3 map record. It depicts landmasses that can be distinguished as Earth's continents, however with several major differences and distortions from the real versions. For instance, South America and Australia are separated into numerous pieces, Africa and most of Europe have combined, and Antarctica is no place to be seen. Some text can also be seen marking the various landmasses and oceans, however rassicas said they can't be unraveled, unfortunately.

Although rassicas declares it to be the "official" map of Splatoon's world, it's not yet known whether that's the case. A world map can be seen as of now in Splatoon 3's Splatfest demo, seen hanging on the back wall in Sheldon's Ammo Knights shop, however taking a gander at it shows continents that more closely resemble their real-world counterparts than they do in rassicas' version. Whether that disproves the legitimacy of the datamined map is a question that probably will not be answered until Splatoon 3 launches one month from now and fans see for themselves assuming it shows up anywhere.

While they will not have the option to bounce into online battles until tomorrow, August 27, players can download the Splatfest World Premiere Demo and play through the initial section at the present time. As of now, they're able to customize their playable Inkling or Octoling as shown in Splatoon 3's original announcement, play through a speedy tutorial, investigate the Splatsville center area, and pick which team they'll be in the upcoming three-team Splatfest. As for the Splatfest itself, that will run for twelve hours, with the first half consisting of regular Turf War battles between two teams and the second focusing on the new Tricolor Turf War matches that will set three teams in opposition to each other.

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