MySecurity 2.0 - Extra password resetting options
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MySecurity 2.0 - Extra password resetting options
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Developer: Kevin Van Ryckegem
Plugin version: 2.0
Plugin compatibility: MyBB 1.6* & MyBB 1.8*
Plugin description:
Makes sure users can reset their passwords in all secure possible ways.

During the registration the user can provide a secondary e-mail which can never be changed once registered. This way the user knows he can always reset it with that e-mail (a hacker can’t change the e-mail to hijack the account).
In order to reset using this secondary e-mail, the user goes to the lost password page. He enters his/her username and a default MyBB forgot password message will be sent, just like the usual system, but this time to the secondary e-mail.
Another possibility is to enter a security answer to your account. The user can then reset his password by answering a question he answered during registration.

This plugin has been tested on a live board and is very appreciated by its users.

Plugin template changes:
• 3 new templates
o mysec_register
o mysec_question
o mysec_lostpw
• 2 template changes
o member_register
o member_lostpw

Plugin database changes:
• Two new database tables:
o [mybb_prefix]_mysec
o [mybb_prefix]_mysec_questions
• There are no new tables in order to keep e-mail hashes, since these are sent using the classic MyBB forgot password system, to the secondary e-mail address provided when requested.

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