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Original Slime Rancher is Leaving Xbox Game Pass Later This Month

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18-09-2022, 11:21 PM
Slime Rancher, the charming first-person life simulation experience game, is set to leave Xbox Game Pass later this month, designer Monomi Park confirms. First released as an early access title in January 2016, Slime Rancher didn't emerge as version 1.0 until August 2017. Following widespread praise, the game was later added to the Xbox Game Pass inventory on December 2020, and has since become one of the essential choices for users of the service who are looking for wholesome and lighthearted games.

The success of Slime Rancher would ultimately spawn a sequel, Slime Rancher 2, which is because of send off into early access on September 22. Yet again just like the original game, Slime Rancher 2 will bring players to Planet Far Reach to get past their gig as the nominal slime rancher, just this time with much more fun than any other time in recent memory. While waiting for the sequel, Xbox Game Pass subscribers could still get an opportunity to revisit the original Slime Rancher as the game is nearing the stopping point in the service's list.

Speaking to TrueAchievements, game chief Scratch Popovich has uncovered that the original Slime Rancher will leave the Xbox Game Pass on September 30. This piece evidently also serves as a rectification to some unacceptable info that various players were getting through the service's notice, saying that Slime Rancher is scheduled to leave the service on September 15.

With Slime Rancher 2 scheduled to come to the Xbox Game Pass on the very first moment, this means players will still have by the drove measure of time to finish up with any of the achievements in the original Slime Rancher. Newcomers can also use an opportunity to get to know how investigation works in the original game, as well as with how to get the best slimes, which are set to make a return in Slime Rancher 2 alongside some new ones.

Slime Rancher isn't the main game that is being removed the Xbox Game Pass with perfect timing as its sequel is coming to the service. Games like A Plague Story Innocence and Two Point Hospital were also removed the Xbox Game Pass inventory when their successors are coming to the service. While this would presumably bum some players out, it would appear to be legit for Microsoft to focus on more current games over their predecessors from the business side of things.

Still, the way that Slime Rancher is leaving the Xbox Game Pass could sound like a major disappointment for fans of relaxing experience games, especially in the wake of knowing that the sequel will spend a remarkable time in early access without any achievements highlight ready. There's still barely seven days before the game is removed from the service, however, so subscribers can still appreciate Slime Rancher while it lasts.

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