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Overwatch 2 'Fox Girl' Leak Confirmed Fake by Blizzard

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08-09-2022, 09:49 PM
Time is ticking down to the arrival of Overwatch 2, the following emphasis of Blizzard's online multiplayer shooter. Overwatch 2 will mix it up of content, changing the involvement with critical ways. New characters are effectively the most thrilling expansion made arrangements for Overwatch 2, so it's maybe obvious that players have been seeking leaks for new data. Tragically, one of the new conspicuous Overwatch 2 leaks, the supposed "Fox Girl" Kimiko, has now been exposed as a fake by Blizzard.

The Fox Girl leak has forever been dubious. The leak started on 4chan, which is notable for its imaginative however entirely untrustworthy leaks. In any case, given Overwatch 2's impending delivery and fervor thus working, there was trust the leak could be genuine. Blizzard's Overwatch business pioneer Jon Spector had compassion for energized fans and chose to share reality in a remark on Reddit, luckily. Spector made a fast Naruto joke and finished his message by affirming, "this is fake."
The leak, for those that missed it, included an offscreen photo of a gaming screen. The screen showed Overwatch 2's personality select screen with a never-before-seen character named Kitsune chose. She had short purplish hair, heterochromia with a dazzling blue eye, an enormous four-bladed shuriken weapon, and a spooky fox sitting on her shoulders. The post proceeded to depict Kitsune as a healer with an inactive capacity to clutch walls, her different capacities make areas of impact that recuperate and give speed, and her definitive is like Hanzo's nevertheless it sends foes to "another aspect" momentarily.

Given the nature of the person model found in the photo, and the way that the capacities were generally not so crazy as to be mind boggling, the Fox Girl leak was viewed as possibly genuine. As a matter of fact, some Overwatch fans accepted that the nature of the person now had nothing to do with Blizzard's normal guidelines, yet the leak generally was treated as though it very well may be exact.

Why Spector chose to remark regarding this situation is certainly a secret. Blizzard isn't known to remark on each possible leak or gossip to emerge for 4chan, or elsewhere besides. Maybe the Fox Girl talk was acquiring ground than Blizzard is utilized to, or it came when Blizzard doesn't believe a fake leak should disturb its promoting plans.

Three new characters will be delivered for Overwatch 2's multiplayer toward the beginning of October. Two of those characters are Sojourn and Junker Queen. The third is as yet a secret, however Overwatch fans can expect that it will not be Kitsune.

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