PayPal Transfer Money.Best offer!

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21-10-2021, 06:23 PM
I make you a transfer to the PayPal, you are to me on the BTC
I work with large translations.
All information on my channel.
Why is it worth working with me?
1.On my channel you can see the entire history of money transfers to my customers!
2.The whole history of replenishing the balance of my accounts!
3.The transfers themselves in real time, where you can see the transfer date, amount, and much more!
4.Not one seller who makes transfers paypal-WU etc will not show the evidence that I have.

I only do large translations, and I only work with people who have money!
Who has no money, do not write to me !
I accept payment only in BTC-ETH !
Minimum transfer PayPal 50k$ price transfer 1500$
For large transfers, I provide business accounts with all data + a large number of transfers (good account history)
The set includes an account with all data + proxy + browser with all fingerprints and a user agent.
In total, I made transfers for a total of about 2,000,000 dollars, all confirmations of my words on my channel.

People who will write, give me money, make the first translation, someone dies help me, stupid messages are different, who writes and does not buy anything, I will immediately add to the black list.
-I don’t help anyone just like that, and I don’t teach anyone.

You can see all this in my telegram channel https://t.me/PaypalBitcoinShop

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