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Police Deployable Shield

Submitted by SomeNewAccount, , Thread ID: 192208

31-12-2020, 01:20 PM
Police Deployable Shield

This scipt will add a Police Deployable Shield on your server.
To understand how this script works, i recommend you to watch a  and screenshots in the Media section.
The shield will add some realism and help to balance the fight between police and gangsters on your server.
Police players on your server will really like this item and use it a lot in various situations.
Protects the owner from the most bullets shot at him.
Not OP. You can still be hit. When you stand, your legs are opened. It's less chance getting hit while sitting. Or even better deploy the shield and crouch behing it, periodically standing up to shoot.
Can work with Default CSS OR CW2 OR M9K Weapons packs, etc.
Can be used to hit players, stunning them for a configurable amount of time. (Shield Bash)
Can be deployed on the ground and used as a great cover. (Press mouse second button, E to pick up)
Only owner can pick up his shield. Means no stealing\abusing.
You can build mobile barricades using multiple shields with you friends.
Various configurable options. (damage, bash cooldown etc.)
3D Model
This addon contains a fully custom animated 3D model. Check it's preview HERE.
How to setup and configure addon on the server
Transfer the folder with the script into the addons folder on the server.
Add a weapon "weapon_policeshield" in a config of police jobs.
Config placed here: policeshield/lua/weapons/weapon_policeshield/shared.lua.
Developed using standard hl2 player model types. The shield uses animattachmentRH for placement. Some workshop skins might have a poorly made biped bones. If you encounter this problem please make a ticket and i'll try my best to adapt it to your skins. Also make sure they are uploaded to your server.
How to deal with weapon pack's shield penetration:
CW2 Weapons pack: cw20/lua/weapons/cwbase/shbullets.lua -> parameter "PenMod" -> set MAT_METAL = 0
FAS2 Weapons pack: fas20/lua/weapons/fas2base/shbullets.lua -> parameter "PenMod" -> set MAT_METAL = 0
M9K Weapons pack: no penetration by default, except weapons with armor piercing rounds. (SniperPenetratedRound)
Firearms Source Weapons pack: no penetration by default, except weapons with armor piercing rounds.

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RE: Police Deployable Shield

21-01-2021, 08:13 PM
thanks for your leak bro nice work i check it for backdoors! and reply it

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