Realistic Police - The Best Realistic Police Script

by car1236094 - 10-09-2020, 10:50 PM
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This is a realistic police addon to improve the roleplay of your DarkRP servers. This addons is easy to configure with the administrator tools provided. This addon add many possibilities and improve the roleplay of the police on your server.
Basics Informations:

This add-on is easy-to-use as his configuration & materials file. Once connected to the server you just have to take any police job and you can arrest criminal in your city. This addon adds a lot of possibilities and features on your server. This addon is composed many features such as Camera System, License Plate System, Fining System, Stungun System, Handcuff System, Police Trunk System, Police Computer, Police Trunk & much more!

Administrator Features

✔️ Tool for Configure all vehicles plates

✔️ Simple Tool for add camera in your server

✔️ Simple Tool for save entities in your server

✔️ Simple Tool for place Jail Position / Jailer / Bailer

✔️ You can create your own license plate in the configuration

✔️ Simple config for add an application or modify the icon

License Plates Features

✔️ All TDM Cars are pre-configured

✔️ All LW Cars are pre-configured

✔️ All CRSK Cars are pre-configured

✔️ You can create your own license plate for your server

Players Features

✔️ Easy to use interface

✔️ Custom Model for the Surrender System ( Syborg )

✔️ Custom Model for the Computer ( Syborg )

✔️ Custom Model for the Wrench ( Syborg )

✔️ Custom Model for the Camera ( Wast3d )

✔️ Custom Model for the Fine Book

✔️ Custom Model for the Handcuff

✔️ Custom Model for the StunGun

✔️ Camera Application

✔️ Criminal Record Application

✔️ Vehicle Tablet Application

✔️ Report Application

✔️ Handcuff System

✔️ Bailer System

✔️ Jailer System

✔️ Surrender System

✔️ List Report Application

✔️ License Plate Application

✔️ Explorer Application

✔️ Custom Plate for each players

✔️ Cmd Application for hack the computer

✔️ Camera Repairer Job

✔️ Fine System ( Vehicles / People )

✔️ You can talk on the menu with your bind
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