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Realistic Properties Leak [keep2share, adfly]

Submitted by Lizard Wizard, , Thread ID: 202517

Lizard Wizard
04-04-2021, 03:55 PM
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[Image: 9a3df9e9fd2007e0aeabff34c62496dc.png]
This is the Realistic Properties addons, to improve the roleplay of your darkrp servers, This addons is easy to use with the administrator tool and add many possibilities with the new delivery system and the new Properties System .
[Image: 85d1.png]

Basics Informations :

This add-on is easy-to-use as his configuration & materials file. Once connected to the server you have just to buy the computer for buy your property of your choice when you had do that you can go to your properties and enjoy with your new life , This addon have also a delivery system when you bought entities in the server a panel will open for do your choice of the destination and when you will do that the package will come quickly in your house  .

Administrator Features :

✔️ Tool for spawning entities on your server

✔️ Simple Tool for add properties in your server

✔️ Simple Menu for edit properties in your server

✔️ Command for saving / reload all entities

Players Features :

✔️ Easy to use interface

✔️ Custom Model for the Computer ( Syborg )

✔️ Custom Delivery Box ( Veeds )

✔️ You can also use a npc 

✔️ New delivery System Included

✔️ Clean Design like GTA

✔️ Rental System & Buy System

✔️ Owner and CO-Owner system

✔️ Police system to see the owner

✔️ Custom Notification

✔️ Can't spawn props if the player is outside his property

✔️ Door Display to see the name of the property

Download: Click Here to download
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Enjoy free download guys.

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