[Revelate] Cracking Help Desk
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[Revelate] Cracking Help Desk
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Cracking Help Desk

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Hello and welcome.
"Revelate is a collection of members who help out other forum users. We're here to help everyone with their issues."
As you can see, we're a support group. We want to help out members of the forums in any way we can.
We have recently went through some major changes and redid most of the group, and we are now only accepting people who are helping others, not seeking help.

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Cracking Help Desk
The cracking help desk is ran by a few dedicated members of Revelate, and its purpose is to help you out by solving any problems or questions you may have about cracking items, as well as requesting items to be cracked.
The questions are not restricted to any type, and they can be anything as long as it relates to craking. If its a problem, we will help solve it. If its a request, we might accept and carry it out too!
Below you will find a list of members that are currently working the cracking help desk.

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Help Desk Members

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Cracking Help Desk Rules
1. You can ask anything as long as its cracking related.
2. Do not answer other peoples questions, this is for Revelate members to answer only.
3. Do not trash on peoples problems or requests.
4. Do not post here if you're not asking a question, so do not start conversations.
5. Use common sense.

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10-29-2015, 03:05 AM
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