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Rough&Raw Procreate Brush Set by Shoutbam

Submitted by Wimmis194, , Thread ID: 198565

21-02-2021, 10:53 AM
What do I get?
  • A total of 14 brushes: 7 line brushes and 7 texture brushes.

  • An easy-to-follow installation guide.

  • What brushes are inside the set?
  • Charcoal: This brush has been designed specially for sketching. It imitates real compressed charcoal and gives you a nice unrefined texture.
  • Noisy Pencil: Designed out of a bunch of tiny dots and perfect for gritty line work.
  • Monoline Stamp: Perfect for monoline lettering. It also gives a great halftone texture.
  • Frizzy Brush: Imitates a real wasted brush and it's been created specially for calligraphy pieces.
  • Ripple-izer: Are you a fan of retro design? This line brush provides you a distressed result to achieve a nice mid-century feeling.
  • Savage: Go nuts with it! An unpredictable and yet super fun brush to use.
  • Inliner: A calligraphy brush with a rough edge. We always use inline in our calligraphy and lettering work. This allows you to create both at the same time!
  • Wood Texturizer: Have you ever tried to paint on wood? Add this texture brush on your artwork to get a super natural wood feeling.
  • Halftone: This technique has been used ever since XIX century. This brush gives a bunch of tiny rough dots that will push your artwork to the next level.
  • Dirty Sponge: The name says it all. Have you ever tried to soak a sponge with paint? If you didn't, you can first try this brush that will give you a pretty close end result.
  • Scratch Me: A texture brush perfect for shading. It gives a sharp metallic texture that adds an antique feeling to your piece.
  • Random Crumbles: Add a distress feeling to your artwork with this crispy brush that provides a speckled finish.
  • More Crumbles: Same as the previous brush but way more condensed.
  • Powdery: A fine-grained brush great for shading purposes.

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