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by i get 99s - 26-04-2020, 10:47 AM
Apr 2020
Posted: 26-04-2020, 10:47 AM
First of all, i am very sorry if i am not allowed to post this here. Delete the thread if this is not allowed or place it to the right section.
I have been starting my own Runescape Private server, Started this projects because i got boring of HTML/PHP/CSS/JS after 6 years experience, This is where i've made the decission to start learning an new programming Language.. i've got 2 weeks experience in Java by Editing / adding shit on a Runescape Private server. (which i've been playing non stop for 6 years in a row from my 12th to 18th.)

But the last time i've touched runescape have been or been longer than 5 years ago. I've got a few question and since i need my post count up for the IPB software to run on the page i got i want to make my posts usefull and start asking for advice..
I've been checking out a few high ranked RSPS's For Example, Dreamscape, Grinderscape, Ikov and ALORA, playing those servers made me realize my server is in an early alpha stage and also that creating another home base adding shops and items to the shops wont get me to beta. and not planning on launching it for public till at least all the files that need ballancing or editing, for example making items from shop area more expensive, Ballancing a lot.
Now my questions:
Is it hard to get active players on a RSPS these days?
for how long are the current top played servers been around for?
What small type of unique content do you like the most? for example: Custom items, an achievement system, or anything else you can think of?
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