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Skyrim Player Accidentally Traps Follower While Trying to Do Dawnbreaker Quest

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23-09-2022, 11:23 PM
A Skyrim player accidentally figured out how to get their follower caught inside a room while trying to finish the Dawnbreaker quest. Skyrim highlights a follower framework where different NPCs can follow the player and capability as partners. These followers can battle and convey hardware, so they are incredibly valuable while exploring prisons or going on quests.

Dawnbreaker is a Daedric curio Skyrim players can obtain subsequent to completing a quest called The Break of First light. It bargains fire harm on each hit, and it gets an opportunity of creating a blast subsequent to defeating an undead animal. Dawnbreaker is a strong weapon, yet one fan figured out how to run into an issue while completing this quest.

In a post on Reddit, a player named MasterNado transferred a picture from their playthrough of Skyrim and portrayed the circumstance in the title. MasterNado explained that they left their follower waiting in the final room and chose to return to get them after realizing their mix-up. In any case, they ran over a locked iron door which requires a key, leaving MasterNado stuck without their follower. They made this post asking Skyrim fans on Reddit for ideas on the best way to correct the circumstance.

Numerous clients posted remarks stating that a wooden plate could be valuable in this situation. For those unaware, players can go through a wall in the wake of placing a wooden plate against it and using Skyrim's Whirlwind Sprint yell. A few clients shared their shock at learning that such a move is conceivable in Skyrim, with one stating that this strategy can likewise be utilized to get to locked chests. One player referenced that they never had some awareness of this Skyrim misfire notwithstanding playing the game for some years.

Different fans suggested more valuable tips, for example, opening the control center order to open the door. Unfortunately, it seems as though MasterNado is playing on a control center, so they will not approach Skyrim console orders that are accessible on PC. One client referenced that this is the manner by which they lost Lydia, who is presumably the most well known Skyrim follower.

MasterNado's choice to request help ended up being really smart as they at last figured out how to tackle the issue. A player named JoaC1989 prescribed going to rest for 3 days, as Skyrim followers reset after this period. MasterNado's follower was a piece of a parade, and in the wake of waiting for some time, they finally figured out how to reconnect with him because of the Skyrim people group.

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