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Strategic Location
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I'm a web developer, so I get around. I am on the road constantly. Not really. I wish though. I had some success but I blew all my money doing stupid shit.
I'll be back at that level soon again. Just recovering now.

So I'm trying to put an influence strategy together.
I need to live in one location where the people are good people.
Another location where the people are really slummy.
I need to go back to college as well. I want to be able to drive to there from the slums.

I don't know what this thread is about. Really it's just me thinking out loud. I need to have an elegant plan.
I just want to spend my time developing my projects, making connections & travelling to see the world with the adorable girls that fall into my lap. (it used to be like that, really... god I fuckin' blew it)

I'll get a lot of surface tension for business from what I do online.
I'll need a better strategy for my professional agenda. STEM conventions are good for a slow start. I hope to do large app contracts as well. Internal Business apps. I hope to find a lot of good graphics artists online. Kids that can do solid work for a buck or 2.
Oh yeah, going to college will help to. Lots of talented connections to make there. Too bad I fell for the uncollege hype, trying to get rich quick.

Trying to figure out what key features I need to add to my app as well. Lots to think about.

03-16-2015, 12:31 AM
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