Streams. Twitch, for example. I hate them with a passion.

by BlitherLlama - 25-02-2016, 04:07 PM
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Posted: 25-02-2016, 04:07 PM
let me explain myself

I love a well edited, fun video. I like jokes, i like fun, and i really like video games. I can understand plugging yourself in the video; even though most people don't need to be reminded to like or subscribe because the buttons are RIGHT FUCKING THERE- sorry, getting off topic.
No, my problem is a 4 hour long live video that has absolutely nothing interesting for 10 minutes at a time, stupid sound effects when people pay this person money for no good reason..
Not to mention the EGO people have. Jesus christ.
Especially when they're playing a game, and then the game dares to try and make them feel guilty about something or sad, something pretty fucking cool for a VIDEO GAME to try and do.
And then the chat tells them how to get around it so the ego inflated prick playing won't feel bad about themselves.
Maybe i am being specific. Okay, i am. But i'm sure someone has felt this before when watching a stream. SOMEONE.
"stop looking at the fucking chat" "stop"
You know? Because it's filled with pricks spamming stupid things.
Ugh. disgruntled grumbling
Maybe i'm being a jerk. Maybe i'm just not into this kind of thing, and i'm not. But it really makes me mad, especially when the game was made for the sole purpose of trying to make people feel things again..
and they just waste it on some stupid stream with some dumb prick shouting and screaming over it.
Now, there's some streams i can get behind. Twitch plays is one, because that's a genuinely cool little social experiment.
Or something for charity. But not one of the prick streams i mentioned above that has a token charity donation box so people can't say anything against them.
I just needed to get this hate out. I'm sorry if this is what you like, because i don't want to hate people for liking something, i just hate something.
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