The Future of Nulled - What you can expect!
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The Future of Nulled - What you can expect!
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Hello everyone,

I thought about posting this some time ago, but never really found the time to do so. The forum is growing within every day and I think it's about time to tell everyone, what you can expect in future.
There will always be things which need improvements, it'll never be perfect. Would be boring also, right? Tongue
I don't want to make a long story out of this, so I'm just going to post the list of features I thought of.

Live Activity Feed
This feature will be added to the sidebar. It'll basically show every little activity what's going on on the forum. (Except private messages of course)
Here's a screenshot how it may look like:

[Image: DRs2TQY.png]

Responsive Theme
I'm not sure yet, if I'm going to make a new theme or just revamp the current theme and make it responsive. 
Mobile support is very important nowadays and I'm a bit mad that we don't offer mobile support yet.

Make sure to read the help documents before sending me a message.
I'm not really online on weekends because I have a life (o shit!) so expect delays on replies.

05-02-2015, 11:35 PM
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