Blaszok v3.1 – Ultimate Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme
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Blaszok v3.1 – Ultimate Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme
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Making a truly all-in-one easy to use theme is a goal that has been in my mind for a long time. I have been planning this project for months but the final development took us more then 3 months of work (sometimes more then 12 hours a day). I am really proud of the final result. We were able to make a beautiful, easy to use & fully customizable theme. As you can see by the previews (home design styles & examples) this theme may be used for almost any website.
26/01/2015 – Version 3.1
– NEW FEATURE: New previews Newell and Manufactory
– NEW FEATURE: Maintenance Mode
– NEW FEATURE: New Blog layout “Full width with Thumbnails alternative”
– NEW FEATURE: Categories selection for Blog
– NEW FEATURE: ‘Use as banner’ option for Post type ‘Link’
– NEW FEATURE: Site layout for individual pages/posts/products and portfolio items
– NEW FEATURE: VC shortcode: Countdown
– NEW FEATURE: VC shortcode: Newsletter Box
– NEW FEATURE: VC shortcode: Link Wrapper
– NEW FEATURE: Sticky Header Offset
– NEW FEATURE: Support for WooCommerce 2.3

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